May 15, 2016
Haven lives by a golden rule, to give every customer a happy, innovative, professional and most importantly a unique tailored experience. Haven is conveniently located in Surry Hills, even more conveniently located for us as it is just around the corner from work! We frequently visit Haven for their fabulous coffee and great service. We are constantly in debates with our colleagues with who makes better coffee, and to this day I stand by my option of Haven.

We were invited by Zomato to a Haven Tailored coffee making and sampling class to learn about the various ways coffee can be made and enjoyed. We were showcased the pour-over (filtered) method, cold drip and the espresso machine and were able to try creating the different range for our-self.

There were three flavours of coffee beans sampled on the night: Fruity, Nutty and Chocolate. Our personal favourite was the Nutty blend, but the general consensus around the group was the fruity mix!

Bruno Koo, an International Latte Art Champion and visual Judge of many International Coffee Competitions, was our tutor of the night. He gave us a very detailed explanation about how pour-over coffee is calculated, and how the slightest incorrect measurement, temperature of the water or even movement of the hand could lead to a completely different tasting coffee. Everything here is weighed to the specific point of a gram to ensure there is a perfect dose and ratio balance. This is why Haven specialises in tailoring coffee to the individual's preference. Using their special chart, you can specify your pour-over coffee and the barista will adjust their measurements to create the perfect match for you.

We were able to experience the pour-over process ourselves. It looked much easier when the professionals did this. The timing, pouring technique and temperature is extremely crucial. We both did alright, I think we passed but not with flying colours.

Being an International Latte Art champion, it was safe to say we were in great and capable hands in our next lesson: Latte Art. We learnt how to make different types of Latte Art namely the Rosetta, Pouring a Heart into a Rosetta and an elegant Swan. 

Christie poured a Heart Shaped Latte Art. It was slightly wonky and on the side but great as her first attempt and that my friends, concludes The Art of Coffee Workshop. We had a crash course tonight and luckily for you, it would be more hands on and in more detail. If you would like to learn more, head over to Haven's website and don't forget to click on Workshops. We've included the link as well for your convenience: Haven Coffee Workshops

Haven's Egg Waffle Series 
All Egg Waffle's are made with Authentic Hong Kong recipe. I love HK and had egg waffles as a snack almost every night! It was fresh, warm and super crunchy. I wouldn't want it with anything else...that was until I discovered Haven's Egg Waffle Series. It's so interesting to taste these very innovative creations, it was definitely ambitious but Haven pulled it off!
You just have to try it for yourself.

Hokkaido Red Bean and Matcha 
Hokkaido Red Beans, Coconut Cream, Matcha Ice-cream, Matcha Sauce, Classic Plain Waffle

Awesome Kimcheese 
Spicy Kimchi, Parmesan Cheese, Vanilla Bean Ice-cream, Black Sesame, Kimcheese Waffle

Banana and Nutella 
Butter Fried Banana, Nutella, Chocolate Ice-cream, Walnut, Lemon Zest, Classic Plain Waffle

Thank you again to the lovely ladies Allie and Zoe from Zomato for hosting this event and Naomi for organising. We learnt so much about coffee and will appreciate the cups of coffee we get! from now on. So much passion, creativeness and effort goes into making a cup of coffee, an eye opening experience indeed.

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