June 05, 2016
Bellyfish Cafe is found in the heart of Terrigal and seems to be a popular stop in the Central Coast. Terrigal has a reputation for everything surfing related which probably explains why it was so windy! It looked like a very calm day with blue sky and perfect weather but if you are sitting in the wrong spot, it can be cold very quick. We took a short stroll to Bellyfish Cafe and with their open space dining area, we had the most relaxing time to end our short getaway.

Pumpkin Patch
Christie ordered the pumpkin patch which on the menu, sounded great. The dish consisted of a whole pumpkin wedge which was roasted nicely, spiced chickpeas, chilli kale chips and lemon tahini dressing. Sauce is king, and unfortunately this dish could have used more of that lemon tahini dressing, even though it's probably not so good for you. The kale chips were also not very chilli at all, yet they did inspire her to make her own at home!

Middle Eastern Bowl
Just thinking about how many elements this dish consisted of is making my brain hurt. There was spiced beef mince, house hummus, a chilli fried egg, toasted flatbread, tabbouleh, cucumber, pickled onions and herbs. The flatbread along with the spicy beef, with ground flavour of the hummus and the spices from the tabbouleh was good enough.. but then you start adding the pickled onion and egg.. What is this wizardry Harry?! My only disappointment is that the egg was just a normal fried egg with cut chilli sprinkled on top. There was no chilli taste or impact at all with the egg. Just a little shame, but overall the dish was a hit!

The staff were energetic and very accommodating, we were glad to dine at Bellyfish on our way back home as it just completed our getaway!

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