July 10, 2016
Oliver Brown was our last and final stop in the Tour de' Westfield Miranda and again we put our brave faces on to tackle this last leg. As the saying goes, you always make room for dessert! We are amazed by how we managed to finish our dishes from Sorenzo, Charlie & Co, Charm Kitchen and Kazbah. Dessert is always the best part of a meal.

Oliver Brown has always been a favourite "cheat" meal for us, we try not to make it a regular thing, but when we do the waffles always have our name written on them! (and by the end of the meal, the plate normally does have our name from Christie playing with her chocolate food).

Baked Churros
Churros really do bring out the child in you, or perhaps its being able to dip almost anything into melted chocolate that makes you feel like you are a little kid at Disneyland (or in our case Luna Park - yay..) again! Churros are also normally deep fried which makes it super unhealthy but luckily at Oliver Brown, their Churros are freshly baked upon order. It's lightly sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar and served with premium belgian chocolate. You can also add fresh strawberries or banana if you are feeling like you need something to balance out your diet... 

Belgium Mocha
Matt couldn't resist the temptation and just had to order Oliver Brown's trademark espresso with a hint of premium Belgium chocolate, or otherwise known as the Belgian Mocha. The type of chocolate used really does make a difference, we hate when cafes use the bottled chocolate sauce, or the tubbed chocolate powder to make a mocha. There is just something special about real melted belgium chocolate and coffee that we can't resist. It was almost like a hot chocolate, just with a kick!

Belgium Waffles
When these gems arrived at our table, we had two thoughts in mind. The first was how on Earth are we going to finish this and the second was, we really shouldn't.... OH what the heck, we will just spend the entire week at the gym and eating salad for lunch to make up for this. Let us tell you, each and every bite of these warm and crisp waffles was worth every last calorie... We love the texture of the waffle, it's crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and not too fluffy or too dense. It was just right. The Belgium Waffles are served with ice cream, banana, strawberries and premium milk Belgium chocolate. When you mix them all together, you have something legendary. Just be sure to brush your teeth after this one.

Chamomile Loose Leaf Tea
Christie decided to settle her stomach with a nice chamomile loose leaf tea from Oliver Brown. Who knew they had hot drinks without chocolate right? I think Christie made the right move to wash everything down with nice warm tea.

This concludes our food tour in Westfield Miranda. We hope you enjoyed following us and watching us get fat in the mean time. Just remember that while it was a daily post, this was all achieved in a single night! 
We would like to give a huge thank you again to Lucas for showing us around Westfield Miranda and of course to the lovely ladies, Naomi & Jelena from the Zomato family for making our evening so enjoyable. We also had a lovely time catching up with and meeting many foodies from Zomato!

Have a lovely week ahead everyone!

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