August 14, 2016
You would have heard by now of the light and fluffy cheesecake that has finally made its long awaited arrival in Sydney. Originating from Fukuoka, Japan - these cakes are causing a commotion at all Uncle Tetsu stores world wide due to their cheesecake being like no other. It has since opened up next to Town Hall station, but be in for a wait as the lines are so long, they must be formed in two sections. It took roughly 40 minutes to successfully get through the line but if the size has any correlation to the success of the store, then I think we can agree that it has made quite an impact so far.

The hype for this cheesecake is HUGE all due to Uncle Tetsu's cheesecakes being light, fluffy and almost sponge-like. It is almost like a lightly cheese flavoured spongecake. We don't usually join in on the hype, but thousands of Instagram pictures later we couldn't resist the urge and rushed down to taste this ever so talked about cheesecake as soon as possible.

The cheesecake is extremely fluffy and has the famous Uncle Tetsu logo stamped on top of the cake. I admit, the smell of the cake is amazing. It smells so delicious and is served fresh from the oven (probably due to demand). We opened the cheesecake and began to slice it. It was very easy to slice! In much anticipation, we finally tasted the cheesecake and our thoughts were mixed. The cheesecake is definitely not your ordinary baked cheesecake, in fact it is quite the contrary, however Christie found that the was quite bland and would not order it again. Matt on the other hand (being a cheesecake snob) loved the lightness and taste, he thought the flavour was subtle but enough to not be sickening like many other baked cheesecakes tend to do. 

While we had controversial reviews in the house, perhaps yours is different. Let us know what you thought about the cheesecake. Was it worth the hype, or even the wait in line?

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