September 01, 2016
Burger lovers and foodies rejoice!
Royal Stacks finally opened an outlet store in Chatswood Sydney! This is great news for us keen Sydney foodies as not only do we now have another burger joint to salivate about while we sleep, but it gives us another one up on our fellow Melbournian foodies.

We were lucky enough to get a taste of what to expect days before the official launch of Royal Stacks. Unfortunately we were unable to get many snaps of the interior as the restaurant hadn't officially opened yet, there was still scaffolding a fold. Great effort to the team for making it happen even still!

If we were to describe the atmosphere, its quite casual and has a very American diner feel. The coke machine is on the floor, so we expect free refills may no longer be a distant Hungry Jacks memory. Fresh beats are played throughout creating a fun and entertaining environment, which may be a little difficult to talk in! All the more reason to go for a second burger (or third as Matt did on the night)

We loved the menu and how creative they got with the names of the burgers. You can't have a Royal Stack without The King, The Queen and Prince Harry right? We were super excited to try The King with the home made Mac n Cheese croquette and the potato gems with melted cheese sauce drizzled over the top. However the deep fryer wasn't on just yet, so instead we were treated with the Double Stack, Bacon Bacon, Miss Elizabeth and Queen Bee.

Double Stack
These were the first of very many burgers off the line, so everyone's eyes lit up when they arrived. Combining two beef patties, melted American cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickles and a "secret" burger sauce known only to the chefs of Royal Stacks, this burger definitely leaves an impression. The fresh ingredients not only present well on the burger, but they make the burger seem like it is inviting you to take a bite and surprisingly this burger wasn't quite as greasy as you would expect.

Let's face it, many burgers are quite similar - you have the bun, the patty, some salad and the only thing that generally differentiates between burger stores competing for the #1 spot is their house made secret sauce. Royal Stacks was no different, the sauce really sets it apart from the competitors. It was creamy and was spread on generously, yet we still wanted more!

Bacon Bacon
Similar to the "Double Stack", the Bacon Bacon houses two beef patties, melted American cheese and pickles but it even goes as far to add caramelised onions, American mustard, tomato sauce and twice the layers of the best product in the world, bacon. Don't let the size fool you either, all the burgers are of the same size, the only difference in these photos is the hand model!

Previously we mentioned that the sauce makes the burger, well we sorta lied as there is another subtle yet quite effective difference with Royal Stacks burgers...  the buns. They aren't just another milk bun, or brioche but instead the bun was quite soft and doughy with a chewy texture. It's very different andn hard to explain. While this sounds unappealing, it was surprisingly light and probably one of the better buns we have tasted. It allows for that perfect burger grip as it molds around your fingers like a memory foam pillow!

Miss Elizabeth
Never have I thought that I would say this in my lifetime, but damn Miss Elizabeth looks fine, especially when she is dressed so elegantly in between two golden buns, Swiss cheese and truffle mayo! Yep you read it correctly, truffle mayo. Even though it may not look at all appetizing, this was by far our favourite burger of the night and we seemed to have shared the same thoughts with many other bloggers too. The truffle mayo has got to be the best burger sauce we have tried, being so flagrant and each bite giving that beautiful truffle taste.. AMEN.
What worries me though is the sheer size of the burger, something this good clearly has to be enjoyed in moderation but something this small can be taken advantage of, Harold and Kumar White Castle type advantage.

Queen Bee
The vegetarian option on the menu includes a chickpea patty, tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles and the special burger sauce. It is essentially the double stack with a chickpea patty instead of beef.

Salted Caramel Milkshake
Every decent burger joint needs a make a killer milkshake/thick shake to dip your chips in and wash your burger down with. The Burger Project and Chur Burger have been pulling my heart in two directions trying to decide who made the better salted caramel milkshake... Thank you Royal Stack (sarcasm intended) as now you have made my decision that much harder. The good thing about this milkshake was that the flavour was strong enough to know it was salted caramel, and just sweet enough to enjoy the whole way through. It was subtle, yet not over indulging or sickening.

Beer and Wine
Craft beer is served on tap (no, not the refillable soda machine tap - I wish) and the wine is served in these cute little plastic wine glasses.

Frozen Custards
Royal Stack also has a wide range of frozen custards (ice cream) which is freshly churned daily. You can also pick and choose what "concrete mixers" or topping you would like included with your ice cream, this one had cookies! 

Wow, what a successful launch party! It was definitely one to be remembered and it has left a long lasting impression deep int he back of our memories. We are already planning out next visit to try the deep fried food! Thank you Royal Stacks and Deveta from Zilla and Brook for sharing this opportunity with us.

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