October 24, 2016
Salmon & Bear is taking us back to the basics with their intriguing menu this summer!
Don't be off put by that message either because basic just means that the food is simple, nutritional and from our experience, super tasty. 

Sticky soy glazed salmon taco (top) and crispy prawn and corn taco (bottom)
There is a selection of tacos to choose from including the sticky soy glazed salmon, crispy fish (Hoki NZ) and the crispy prawn and corn. Each taco is served in a tortilla wrap with salsa verde, pickled onion, coriander, lime and sriracha mayo. The idea of the sticky soy glazed salmon was too hard to go amiss, and the crispy prawn had our eyes lighting up.The soy glazed salmon was sweet. The sriracha sauce complimented the fish nicely and the fish itself was flaky and cooked perfectly. The prawn was on another level. It was deep fried meaning every bite was oily and gorgeous. The corn gave it some sweetness and the sauce just completed the whole taco.

Crispy Fish Burger
We find it weird seeing fish burgers on the menu. Even though McDonald's made it popular so long ago, the idea of a fish burger doesn't excite us like a nice Wagyu patty. We decided to go with the safest option, the Crispy Fish Burger and we are glad that we did. The fish is crisp battered hoki fish and it is served with white cabbage, salsa verde and tartare sauce. This reminded us of family Sundays when we were younger. Going to the local store and buying some fish and chips with tartare, The tartare sauce is quite generous so it is the main flavour you taste throughout the burger. We actually would come back to have this burger again... of course after a second serving of those tacos!

Ora King Salmon with Chive Mash Potato
If you decide to order a fish, you are better off ordering the Grizzly Platen which has the option of a fish, two side dishes and sauce of your liking. There are plenty of different choices to select from, but salmon is our go-to fish because we love the texture. The salmon was crispy on the outside and cooked through perfectly leaving the piece of salmon most and melting in my mouth. It's definitely on one of my top go to places for the best salmon now. The salmon is also charcoal grilled in a mibrasa oven.

Bear Treats
Salmon & Bear have done an incredibly smart move by teaming up with Gelato Messina. These desserts are specific to Salmon & Bear, so to try them you must visit Newtown or Zetland. The "Bear" is a chocolate cookie with chocolate gelato in the middle. It is like a maxibon, but immensely better. The "Salmon" is strawberry gelato which has been coated in white chocolate. The gelato was very sweet but not too overpowering as you could still taste the white chocolate. It reminded us of a white chocolate Magnum!

Salmon & Bear Newtown is open until 10pm most nights and 11pm on Friday and Saturday, so its perfect for after work drinks and tacos! Bring some colleagues and relax in the Canadian styled restaurant. Just don't cause too much trouble, the deer is watching...

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