November 14, 2016
Disclaimer: We were gifted a $50 voucher to order with the Eat Now app however all opinion expressed are our own The ordering process is similar to many other applications. When doing a quick comparison, Eat Now has 39 different restaurants (and bottle shops) in Revesby. Another app has 44 which is slightly higher. The range of food seems consistent as does the delivery fee. There are two other tabs on the app which show your recent orders to purchase again, along with your favourite restaurants to revisit. Ordering from one of these venues will award you with points, and we believe reviewing the restaurant will score you additional points. These points build up your presence on the Eat Now website, to make your reviews stand out from the rest. It is a neat feature that may entice users to return to the app, however there is no fiscal benefits at this stage.

We have heard only great things about Ozi Desi since it opened only recently. We normally visit a local Indian restaurant in Padstow, but thought we would give them a try. We are westernised, so butter chicken is what we used as the base of our review! We took the effort to plate the below dishes, please excuse the untidiness! We are not professional food stylists.

Butter Chicken on Saffron Rice
We did tell you up front.. Butter Chicken is a favourite of ours and has been a staple takeaway food for the both of us while we were growing up. For that reason we never even thought about trying a new curry, it quite literally is what we think about when asked about Indian food. That said, as popular as this dish is, the end result is always different. Not one butter chicken is the same! The boneless chicken is roasted and cooked in a sauce consisting of mainly cashew, tomato and butter among other ingredients. The sauce was on the sweeter side which is preferred and the chicken was both tender and succulent which is quite rare to find. Many curry's including chicken can be quite dry, most likely as a result of sitting around all day.

Cheese Balls and Samosas
When we saw cheese balls on the menu, we couldn't resist ordering them. The idea of gooey, melted cheese oozing out of a deep fried case sounded too good to pass up. We misread (or didn't read) the description of the dish however. These are cheddar cheese balls that are cooked with both carrot, cabbage and Indian herbs, meaning it was not what we expected. There was no gooey cheese at all and at the ball itself was quite dry. These are probably best eaten fresh at the restaurant to enjoy them.

The samosas on the other hand were fabulously bad for you, but in a good way. They might be full of carbs, calories, oil and all the other bad things that you should "eat less of" but when something tastes good, isn't it wrong to not let your taste buds indulge? The samosa were a little on the spicy side, so be sure to use the mint dip if you can't handle the heat!

Onion Bhajji and Dahi Puri
I was first introduced to Dahi Puri at work of all places. A colleague of mine makes and sells Panni Puri at their local markets, and decided to bring it into the office to let us all have a taste. Since then, I have been on the look out for some so that Christie can have a taste. These originate from North India and there are a number of slight variations from what you see above. Encapsulated in small crispy puff breads is a mixture of boiled potato and peas with a homemade chutney, chilled yogurt and we added some mint sauce also. They are great to be enjoyed in between courses, but are too small to be considered a full entree. The Onion Bhajji is another all time favourite and is also a popular dish at Ozi Desi. Like the cheese balls, these are normally best served fresh so you can experience the fresh golden batter, they can become quite soggy if not eaten straight away. The verdict on our butter chicken score card tells us that we may have just found ourselves a new Indian restaurant!

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