Rosetti's Cafe & Restaurant | Wetherill Park

Good pizza is very hard to find in Sydney and it's not because there are a lack of pizza joints. It might be due to the misconception that pizza is purely take-away food and that you shouldn't be paying more then your local $5 pizza at Dominos. 

Thankfully that was so 2015. In 2016 we now have many more foodies and food lovers alike who are willing to spend that little more for a great pizza. But where might you ask? Previously we had eaten pizza at Candelori's and have not been able to find something that competes yet. So much so, that we are visiting Brooklyn on our America adventures just to try a delicious pie from the famous Grimaldi's (woops! spoiler... wait that's supposed to go before the actual spoiler right?).

We decided to order using Eat Now's new app from a local woodfire pizza restaurant, Rosetti's. Woodfire pizza always get's excited because it is that much better than your conventional conveyor belt pizza. Here's what we thought!

The Horsley
We wanted to try something different, something that would showcase the base of the pizza. This pizza contains salami, sundried tomato, roasted capsicum, feta cheese, chilli flakes with crushed garlic. The base is thin and the dough is light which means you get more of the good stuff, the toppings. While it wasn't as crispy as we had hoped, the toppings were substantial and it had great flavour. Be warned that this pizza is quite chilli so it's best to leave it for the adults. We enjoyed this pizza, just wished that there was more mozzarella which would have brought it all together nicely!

Now we can't be comparing pizza's without a common test sample. Isn't that the rule of thumb of all experiments? Margherita is a fan favourite that is the perfect pizza for any situation. Comprising of simply mozzarella cheese, tomato base, oregano and a thin pizza base - it is simple but elegant. This pizza didn't have the same problems the last one did with the lack of cheese, in fact it had plenty enough to keep us satisfied (we love our cheese)! The tomato base was tangy and served generously. The only thing it is missing, is the actual taste of the woodfire oven. We are satisfied overall. You can't complain with good food when all the slices are finished at the end of dinner. It's great to be able to explore so many local restaurants at a click of a finger and determine our new "go-to" restaurants. When we move out, we shall use this method by process of elimination! dun dun dunnnn!

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