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Cabra-Vale Diggers Club has been undergoing some major redevelopments as of late, $18 million worth to be exact. The plan has been in progress since mid last year and a portion of the redevelopment has finally shown itself to the public. Brasserie on the park is your traditional club style food with a twist. It is still the same flavours you know and trust, but efforts on presentation and affordability will not go unnoticed. Further plans are scheduled including a hawker street, live fish tank and much more different types of food on offer that any foodie would love.

The Brasserie on the park is set in a way to allow customers to enjoy their meal whilst gazing across at the Cabra Vale Memorial Park. The dining space is huge, but there is also a private area to cater for private parties and functions. We really got spoiled tonight. The food came out in three courses, consisting of many sampling plates. The Brasserie is not trying to be the next up and coming restaurant, but instead cater for the foodie bug that has overwhelmed Sydney, and as such we will be reviewing this post in contrast with our experiences at other club bistros!

First Course

Beer battered flat head soft tacos 
with wasabi mayo, charred corn, baby radish and caramelized onion
The idea of a fish taco never quite appealed to us before eating at Salmon and Bear, but we are glad that they are a thing. The fish was deep fried in quite a thick layer so the flavour of the flat head was quite absent (which actually works in the favour of Matt). The charred cord and wasabi mayo really made this dish stand out from the rest as it brought life to the dish. Each bite was exciting and you couldn't help but want to go for seconds!

Garlic prawns in slow roasted tomato & basil 
served with a crusty baguette
Wow. If you had told us that this was bistro food, it would be quite hard to comprehend. The prawns were legit and this was by far our favourite savory dish on the night. Cooked perfectly, the prawns still had a subtle crunch and the roasted tomatoes made quite the difference in the sauce, extracting the sweetness from the tomato while also adding bitterness from the roasted bits. We were really impressed with this dish and recommend ordering it when you visit.

Trio of Sliders 
The sliders were the first dish Matt eyed out when we arrived. Something about tiny burgers really gets him excited, the tiny buns make him feel like a giant when holding it in his large hands. The trio consisted of pork, beef and lamb cuts from the roast. They were however not to our liking as they proved to be quite dry and unpleasant. The chunks of fat in the meat also made it quite hard to eat like a burger and unfortunately it was a hit and miss.

Second Course

Baby Spinach Salad
with roasted butternut pumpkin, pine nuts, shaved parmesan & reduced balsamic
You don't make friends with salad but it had the perfect portion of ingredients. The balsamic sauce was great however I love my salad drenched with sauce so would've loved a little more. I had the salad with the rump below.

Rotisserie of Grain Fed Rump Cap
thyme roasted potato, broccoli and whole grain jus
We both had mixed reviews with this plate. From one plate the meat was cooked perfectly, the outside was perfectly crusted and the jus was perfect. However on the other plate, while it can be agreed that the jus was damn good, the meat wasn't anything to rave about. The meat didn't taste like it had been cooked right, while the centre was nice and pink, the meat felt very "soggy" ~ probably not the best word to describe, but didn't have the texture that we had expected. The roasted potatoes however were great, and did we mention how good the jus tasted?

Third Course

Seafood Share Platter
Grilled wile caught king fish, chermoula grilled prawns, salt & pepper squid, beer battered barramundi fillet, naked rock oysters, smoked salmon, chunky fries, house salad, tartar and nim jham sauce 
This platter could easily feed two or three people. I don't even know where to begin but first, I must comment on how big the size of the fries were! You can't really see them in the picture but they were so long (almost the length of the prawns). From the platter, I had the salt and pepper squid (which was a crowd favourite) and beer battered barramundi fillet. You can't go wrong with the classic fish and chips with tartar sauce. 

Woodfired Pizza
Proscuitto, cherry tomato, rocket pizza finished with shaved parmesan
Thinking back, the best savoury dish is still the prawns, however this is also the best. We have have two best dishes right? Because wow their pizza is good. Better than what you would expect from your local italian pizza shop good. The base was crisp, not only the crust, but right to the core of the pizza, meaning every bite came with that perfect crunch. The toppings were quite standard but the pizza base sauce was really sweet and brought the flavours of the pizza nicely together. A well crafted pizza deserves merit and we tip our hat to you.

Fourth Course

Selection of Dessert
Mango and coconut dome , Salted Caramel and Popcorn and Petite Choc Mirror Glaze
The dessert platters were served on centre tables n the private dining area, and as we entered everyone's eyes lit up. They looked amazing, so much effort goes into the beautiful presentation of these sweet bundles of sugary joy. We were lucky to have tried all three between the two of us and it really is hard to say which is our favourite. The salted caramel and popcorn dessert had a great variety of textures. The base was crisp and light, the salted caramel was smooth and tangy and the popcorn sitting above added the finishing touch. The petite choc mirror glaze on the other hand was rich, smooth and full of chocolaty goodness. The flavours were quite bold, but not over the top so each bite was as enjoyable as the last, even without a palette cleanser... quite a deadly dessert. The Mango and Coconut Dome looked the prettiest in my opinion and was definitely a great way to end the evening.

Espresso Martini 
with Ice cream and Shaved Chocolate
They even have Espresso Martini available in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions.

We are so pleased to have been a part of the VIP opening, especially as this venue holds many childhood memories for Christie! Thank you Rojo Consulting for the fun-filled evening and Cabra-Vale Diggers for the great food and even better hospitality, Leyanna our waitress brought the sunshine with her that night, all the guests loved it when she entered the room. It was great to see someone with that much energy and passion for food serving us.
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