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If you are local to Liverpool, Cabramatta or somewhere in between, there's a new Chinese restaurant that opened up in Mounties and guess what, they do yumcha as well (at a reasonable price). We found out the news from mum and dad..  like every other Asian household, that's how you get the local news and goss! We decided to have dinner at Johnny Fong's to celebrate my parent's wedding anniversary. The completed renovation is quite impressive, when we were searching for this place (which was where the old Coffee club was) we turned a corner and literally said 'wow' - it looks so grand, spacious, clean and inviting! 

The service was great and completely different to what you would expect in Cabramatta (comparison with the closest known suburb for Asian cuisine). The food was delicious and we even visited in the following weeks for yumcha.

San Choi Bao, Pork
The reason why we ordered this was all down to the presentation. We noticed the San Choi Bao being served to another table near by and immediately wanted to order it. The staff take the time to serve each San Choi Bow on a plate to you. It tasted quite nice, the juices from the filling drip through your hands as you eat it. Such a satisfying feeling, especially when you are loving the food.

Mud Crab with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce
The mud crab was brought out and wow it looked amazing. Not only was it quite cheap, but the staff also crack the shell for you! You don't understand how much we struggle to crack the shell so this was definitely a highlight for us. In fact, the mud crab had a substantial amount of meat so we weren't scourging through the shell remains to find some. The crab meat was fresh and had it's own beautiful flavour that kept you going back for more, layered with the salted duck egg yolk sauce just made it that much more enjoyable. Well done!

The sizzling beef in Peking sauce was delivered to the table in style. The sizzle of the hot plate really does draw all the attention to your table. Unfortunately it was a little too sweet for our liking and the beef was a little chewy. We regrettably didn't finish this dish and allocated our spare stomach space for the other mains on the table.
Pan Fried Bean Curd with Prawn Paste
These little babies come with a price.. the inability to stop eating. The smooth, silky bean curd and prawn paste filling, encapsulated with a crisp batter... YUM! They tasted great and the sauce served on the side was not required at all, but instead to just amplify the taste. The broccoli is for presentation but is also edible. We didn't touch them because we didn't want to stop eating the main star of the dish.
Osmanthus and Coconut Jelly (left) and Mango Pudding (right)
Osmanthus is a tiny flower with a strong fragrance similar to apricot and are generally found in your traditional tea leaves or in desserts.  It's quite refreshing to eat and complimented well with coconut jelly. The mango pudding was an enjoyable way to end the night. You can also find these in the dessert cart during the yumcha service (along with mango pancakes).

Overall, great service, great food and reasonable prices. Johnny Fong's is the real deal.
We have since revisited a couple times for their yumcha service since writing this post and each time we received the same standard. We have now found a new local lunch, yumcha and dinner restaurant.

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