April 02, 2017
The jingle "Eat Sushi Hub, Your Sushi Hub" plays on loop whenever we think of sushi for lunch, +1 for the Marketing team! Sushi Hub is a fast growing takeaway business spread across 40 different locations Sydney-wide. Quality isn't usually expected when you think of takeaway sushi, but Sushi Hub's products are sourced locally and delivered daily to ensure the sushi is served fresh and tastes great. We were invited to dine at the Sushi Hub restaurant near Central station. We didn't even realise Sushi Hub expanded from the typical cart style business. What is even better, the process were quite reasonable and it's perfectly situated within walking distance to UTS for a quick and cheap lunch option.

Grilled Scallop Nigiri
Lets start with our old favourite grilled scallop nigiri. Sitting on a bed of rice are two very thick cut scallops topped with sweet soy sauce. We would've preferred the scallop to be a little more grilled  however we really enjoyed the taste. It's a great quick fix to your grilled scallop craving, especially when you are on the go!

Fried Ebi Nigiri
Sushi trains give you the option to order from the menu, or to pick one of the many dishes from the train. Generally many people will order to ensure the sushi is fresh and served piping hot in the case of the fried ebi nigiri. We decided to take a plate from the sushi train and while it still had all the flavours you would expect, the batter had been left soggy, likely from the sauce and there wasn't the crunch we had hoped for. Again, for a takeaway sushi dish, this would definitely satisfy our craving.

Grilled Salmon Nigiri
We thoroughly enjoy the grilled salmon nigiri from Sushi Hub. Its usually one of our go-to items for lunch along with a couple of hand rolls. Mmmmm perfect! The one issue we always find is that the salmon is very scarce so you don't get the full texture of the fish, but rather the rice and sauce. 

Sushi Sandwich
The sushi sandwhich has been on our radar for some time now. The thought of avocado, egg and salmon in between a rice cake with mayonnaise and popping fish roe sounded really intriguing and we had to try it. The sandwich is very pretty, full of colour and with the mix of the mayonnaise and fish roe, quite tasty when you get used to eating it with your hands!

Tempura Veggie Nigiri
Vegetable nigiri has simple flavours, but it's just so damn good. We love tempura. It is such a simple dish and sometimes simple is best! Again, with this one make sure to order it fresh otherwise the tempura isn't as crispy as it once was!

Grilled Salmon and Scallop Rose
Sushi Hub have such a selection of different products on offer, literally pages of it on their menu. We didn't expect a takeaway restaurant like Sushi Hub to be so creative with their dishes. Combining two of our favourite nigiri is the grilled scallop and salmon rose. Genius right?! We thought so.. they have basically taken a page out of Old El' Paso's book and said "Why not have both" *queue trumpets*

Soft Shell Crab Roll
The sushi rolls are made to order and it was worth the wait. The filling was creamy with the avocado and soft shell crab texture and most important, in abundance so the rice to filling portion wasn't outweighed with the former. We love how the soft shell crab is sticking out, it sure knows how to get someones attention.

Whether it's nigiri you are craving or that sweet taste from inari, you can bet on finding something to satisfy your tastebuds or sushi cravings at Sushi Hub!

Snapshots of Food dined as guests of Ompty and Sushi Hub

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