May 08, 2017
Brrrrr it's been quite cold in Sydney the past few days and as winter approaches. Snuggling up in a cozy, warm bed with a warm cup of tea is becoming more and more desirable with each passing day. Unfortunately this time of the year, the office is usually plagued with cold and flu, strains that no shot can protect you from! Which also makes it the perfect time to rearrange your cupboard in preparation, and maintaining your health to fight off the disease before it hits!

There is a reason why your mum always gives you ginger, honey and lemon - because it is the perfect remedy for cold and flu prevention and remedy, this is our first line of defense! We typically finely grate or thinly cut ginger (depending on how much time I have) and place the ginger in hot water with the lemon and honey, perhaps even some green tea. Fresh ingredients is always preferred, but when you are busy and don't have the time or even the utensils to prepare, more conventional methods are required. Luckily, The Ginger People has your back!

 Ginger Syrup 
The ginger syrup is sold in a cute glass bottle with a picture of a cute ginger man tag on the front. We love this product on so many levels because it is so practical! It has a subtle sweetness and lately we have been mixing it into cold water to add a bit of flavour, which surprisingly works really well and a good alternative when you don't feel like a hot beverage. This syrup also works well in tea and drizzled on top of fruit salad for that extra sweetness. If you are really a ginger nut like we are, try replacing the maple syrup on your pancakes in the morning. Simple tricks to get more ginger into your life. 

Organic Ginger Juice
This is our most favourite of all three products, mainly because of how much time it saves us when we need to make tea on the fly. You only require a very small splash of the ginger juice into your tea and in seconds, you can smell the ginger, taste the spiciness and feel that burning sensation down your throat. The ginger juice is also great to add in stir fries, soups, sauces or even cocktails!! We love ginger, but don't think we will be trying the cocktails any time soon.

Organic Crystallised Ginger Bits
When we saw the crystallised ginger we couldn't help ourselves and dug straight in. Think of a hardened gummy candy, but full of the spicy ginger goodness. This might be a little too strong for some people, but for ginger lovers like us who have literally grown up on ginger.. we love the after burn that you feel in your throat. First thing in the morning and BAM! You feel that intense kick to wake you up. Practical use of the crystallised ginger is really dependant on your creativity - it can be used in both savory and sweet meals, but we see it working better as a nice contrast to a sweet dessert!

Disclaimer: Snapshots of Food was gifted Organic Ginger Syrup, Organic Ginger Juice and Organic Crystallised Ginger by Sam Jennings PR