Inferno Grill | Maroubra

Inferno Grill Maroubra doesn't just make burgers, they make sure to leave a mark on your arteries while they are at it. Just a warning for those feint of heart, this post may contain graphic content that overwhelms your taste buds and make you froth at the mouth.

If you have decided to come this far.. be warned!
The Fatty Burger
Imagine this... You are enjoying a nice stroll on Maroubra beach, the sun is shining and the fresh crisp air is blowing through your hair. You then suddenly collapse in pain on the floor.. grasping for air you think back to why this might be happening to you only to remember this bad boy. The "Fatty" burger - made only for those willing to take that risk! Stacked with double beef patties, 4 stacks of Aunt Jamima glazed bacon and American cheddar, onion rings, salsa and finally finished off with the special sauce. This thing is MASSIVE, so much so that even after compressing it all down, a form and knife was still needed. While the sauce really pulled everything together, it was the bacon that made me go back wanting more!

The Pig Kahuna
If you have been following us for a while, you will know now that we love when a restaurant takes that extra creative step with their names - adding a little complexity to the meal when you try to guess why or which pop culture reference the name is relating to. The Pig Kahuna is no different - Southern fried chicken, aunt jamima glazed bacon, coleslaw, chilli mayo, grilled pineapple and American cheddar.With a combination like that, a Hawaiian name seems fitting.
The massive pineapple on pizza debate is ridiculous for one, but its also got us thinking about how many times we have encountered pineapple on a burger in the last year.. very few which is quite a shame because it was the only reason why we decided to try this burger. The grilled pineapple was too hard to resist, and with that beautiful southern fried chicken - it was definitely worth it!

Southern Fried
What almost seems to look like either the offspring of the Pig Kahuna, or a long lost cousin at least. The Southern Fried burger isn't as spectacular as the previous two burgers, but it definitely serves its purpose. It offers great flavours with the combination of the fried chicken and aoili. Perfect for those who know what to expect and are less inclined to try a thrill seeker (as we like to call them). 

Inferno Grill was for us, surprisingly damn good. We are glad that we made the long journey to Maroubra JUST to taste these burgers and have been raving about them since. We were also very tempted to grab some of their home made gelato, but any more food would have been the next best horror movie in the making.

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