January 29, 2018
 Hicksons Izakaya recently opened up in Walsh Bay. With a view this beautiful, this restaurant offers an intimate dining experience and being only a short walk from Wynyard/Circular Quay, these restaurants will be killing it this Valentines day. Hicksons Izakaya takes the authentic Japanese flavours and adds a modern twist. The food is not your traditional Japanese food, but rather it is a Western take on Japanese dining.

Yuzu Green Salad
We searched the menu to find traditional Japanese green salad but came across the yuzu green salad instead. We figured that we would try it out because surely it has got to resemble the traditional flavours we love. Strong flavours of the yuzu were evident and was the primary taste in the salad. It did not resemble Japanese green salad, there was no grated onions or corn but it was still refreshing.

Seared Scallops with Honey Ponzu and Fish Roe
Seared scallops were then brought around to our table and were looking incredible. Our eyes were salivating from the tear ducts and we couldn't help but think "What if we didn't have to take a picture so we can eat it now...". We do think the scallops could have been seared a little longer, the honey ponzu flavours were really subtle and we feel like the sauce was not properly absorbed. The fish roe did give it a nice texture that complimented the texture of the scallop.

Braised Pork Belly in Soy Sauce and Seared
The first two dishes were a bit of a hit and miss, the braised pork belly however was AMAZING. It's the first time in a Japanese restaurant where we had to ask for a knife and fork. While we thought that the presentation could have been better well thought out, the flavours that oozed out of the pork make up for it. The Japanese are not afraid to experiment with pork, but this is not traditional. This is where the dishes started to feel a little more Western. We ordered a serving of rice to eat with the pork and give it a little more substance.

Seared Salmon
You can't go wrong with seared salmon scallops, so long as they are fresh and drenched in sauce. Needless to say it was no different at Hicksons Izakaya, the salmon was fresh and melting away in your mouth. It's not anything fancy, but be sure to order from the sushi menu when you visit.

Chicken Teriyaki  
We ended with a little extra room in our stomach and decided to order the chicken teriyaki (only because there was no dessert menu). We expected thick, succulent chicken marinated in a sweet teriyaki sauce. Unfortunately it was the complete opposite. The chicken had been flattened and dry while it tasted like it had been cooked in nothing but light soy sauce. The dish did come out very quick as well which made us question it's cooking methods.

Hicksons Izakaya has some absolute winners on their menu and unfortunately some items on the other spectrum and need to focus on the basics of traditional Japanese style food. Definitely check out this restaurant if you are in the area and let us know your thoughts!

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