April 23, 2018
The brunch experience at Haven is one like no other. Every item on their menu is unique, creative and pushes all the boundaries. If you are after something ordinary then you've gone to the wrong place. As you read the menu, you really let your creativity go wild and become curious to begin tasting. Of course, one stomach is not enough to try all items so we're always back for more. 

The eel-ness as the name suggests has Japanese grilled eel which doesn't taste like the ones on your sushi. The meat from the eel tasted different - it was flakey instead of slimey. The bones were also thinner than the usual. The tofu was so silky and scrambled eggs were buttery and delicious. The black rice cake however is bubbly and squeaky, I absolutely loved it.

The kimcheese waffle is unique, a combination of sour, chilli, savoury, sweet and everything else. It's crazy to combine everything into one bite! The kimchi parmesan cheese with sesame award-winning vanilla bean icecream and a kimcheese waffle will leave you thinking...how? How does it taste so good when you wouldn't even think of pairing ice-cream with kimchi? This was our third time enjoying this dish.

Geisha: Colombia Huila La Pradera
Matt is a coffee snob and aside from his love for craft beer, he absolutely loves coffee. We were shown the Geisha coffee from Columbia. The processing method is washed and roasting level is light to medium. The tasting profile consists of earl grey, lavender, citris and pear and the retail price is $40 per 250g. He thoroughly enjoyed it - and I think anyone who appreciates coffee will be able to enjoy the tasting profile - but - I just found it bland. Disclaimer, I don't like or enjoy the taste of coffee!

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