July 15, 2018
Riverside Thai is located in Pyrmont, just a short walk from The Star. They serve authentic Northern Thai cuisine with a modernized Australian twist. Chef Paul Kanomdachahat has 20 years experience working in the industry, along with famous chefs like Luke Nguyen and Chase Kojima. We had the pleasure of tasting authentic Thai flavour and experience Thai culture.

Mieng Kham
We always order grilled scallop when we have the choice to and tasted all different types of scallops and flavours. We couldn't wait to try Mieng Kham which has grilled scallop, betal leaf, lime, fried onion, peanuts and ginger! The fried onion was soaked in a special sauce (we could taste fish sauce) and our tastebuds just exploded - we tried to wrap everything up and enjoy it in one mouthful. We would highly recommend this mouthwatering dish to anyone!

Roasted Duck Curry
This was by far the best roasted duck curry we have ever had (yes, it's better than our local favourite) but just be warned... it's super hot! We didn't have the option to choose our spice level (mild, medium or hot) so when the dish arrived at the table, we just assumed it was a pleasant spice level. The spices, creamy coconut and aroma from the curry is perfect on a cold winter's night and I love the fact that Riverside Thai is so generous with the roasted duck and lychee.

Pad Thai Lobster
The Pad Thai lobster is one of Riverside Thai's signature dish. The rice noodles were perfectly cook and pad thai sauce was well balanced with the perfect amount of sweetness and saltiness. I also like the idea of having chilli flakes, peanuts and sugar condiments on the side so you can personalise your pad thai.
Lychee Shake and Coconut Juice
We started our night with lychee shake and coconut juice which was refreshing. I was expecting a creamy, sweet and blended lychee shake but after the first sip, it was quite bland but I have a sweet-tooth so it might be perfect for others.
Snapshots of Food dined as guests of CPM Online Marketing and Riverside Thai
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