Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour 2016 | Darling Harbour

The search for the BEST burger continues and it seems like we definitely have a couple of contenders on our hands at Hard Rock Cafe. We have been here multiple times over the years and never once did we think of trying a burger. 

We were invited to taste some of the new burgers, drinks and chips featured on the Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour 2016, a great time in history where we are lucky enough to experience a unique burger experience that takes our taste buds on an international journey.

Even though it's the middle of Winter in Sydney right now, the weather is always good for a cocktail or two. We were recommended the Melonpalooza cocktail which consisted primarily of what seems to be rum and sugar. This thing was SWEET. Matt (and his sweet tooth) was even satisfied with foregoing dessert. It reminded us of the Cottee's cordial we used to drink when we were younger.... wait a minute, I think I need to have a word with my parents..

All Jacked Up
To call this drink "All Jacked Up" makes much more sense now that I have tasted it for myself. The amount of alcohol in this drink is insane, you can barely even taste the pineapple. That said, it is really a matter of opinion. We quite enjoyed this as it was smooth and easy to drink with our meal. Definitely not a drink that you can down in one go.

Aloha Burger, Honolulu
We haven't been to Hawaii yet, but if we do - we hope that our experience is as good as the precious moments spent with this Aloha burger... I can still remember the freshness of the guacamole and salsa, the sweetness of the grilled pineapple ring, and the sweet soy glazed patty and then finished off with that melted jack cheese.. With the addition of a pickled sauce provided on the side, this was an unforgettable burger. It is such a pleasure to see so many elements in one burger, all working in unity to enhance the taste of one another and ultimately creating one damn good burger. It was able to achieve what not even the EU could (too soon?), however we don't mind if the spam decides to #brexit, we can just replace it with bacon :)  

Whiskey Burger, Brussels Belgium
Alright so you are probably thinking, how can it get better? We have literally been sitting here and reading the ramblings of a crazy couple obsessed with a burger. Well, unfortunately for you it continues and this one was just as great as the first, but better. This burger was amazing, and in fact I have never before been asked how I would like my patty cooked, medium of course! The bacon slices were thick and sweet and the fried onion on top was nice a crispy! But the hero of the dish... no it was not the combination of cheddar and jack cheese, or the combination of the garlic aioli and pickled sauce... It was the beef patty. It had been soaked and cooked in a whiskey marinade which made all the difference. There is nothing we hate more than a dry and tasteless patty.

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Adora Handmade Chocolates | Parramatta

Parramatta is set to become Sydney's second CBD, and in some ways it has already achieved that title. With a new restaurant popping up each week, as well as many budding "hipster" cafes, it's a great dining district. Specifically only a short stroll from the CBD centre is Adora Handmade Chocolate, a chocolate shop run by a wonderful duo of chocolate loving sisters. We had the pleasure of speaking with Tina and were amazed with her passion for all things chocolate. You can really see a difference in the Adora handmade chocolates against your typical store bought varieties.

Prior to starting up Adora, Tina was studying Nutrition and Dietetics. The sisters actually started making chocolate from their home and under strict council rules, they were instructed to open the store up to customers and provide coffee services throughout the day. When it was time to expand (again), they choose Parramatta (woo hoo). You are left with a store that is spacious, light, airy and is extremely inviting. Adora has expanded to five locations including: Earlwood, Sydney CBD, Parramatta and Rose Bay.

Make sure you drop by and grab a coffee (with a complimentary chocolate) to start your day. Matt has been visiting their Sydney CBD almost daily since we've discovered this place for his morning coffee fix. They use REAL Belgium chocolate in their coffee's and hot chocolates and it is almost too hard to resist.

High Tea at Adora

We had the pleasure of being treated to amazing pastries (both savoury and sweet) with Adora's High Tea Menu. They have a large selection to choose from for your next event: Adora High Tea Menu
We sampled two High Tea Stands.

High Tea One: mini spinach puff pastry, mini ham, cheese and tomato quiche, mini scones with mixed berry compote and cream, caramel butter shortbread, vanilla mascarpone tart with dark chocolate sea salt and raspberry, three layer gluten free chocolate, raspberry and vanilla mousse petit four cake, your choice of any award winning handmade chocolate and a choice of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

High Tea Two: mini spinach puff pastry, mini ham, cheese and tomato quiche, mini scones with mixed berry compote and cream, triple chocolate mini brownie, mini lemon meringue tart, mini chocolate caramel petit four cake, your choice of any award winning handmade chocolate and a choice of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Adora Handmade Chocolates
Adora Handmade Chocolate have won numerous Gold and Silver awards and supplied at impressive locations including the Sydney Opera House and on P&O. Because all chocolates are hand made with no preservatives or artificial colours or flavouring and each chocolate contains a high percentage of cocoa butter (which is surprising in this day and age), the shelf life is about three weeks. We were told that a good chocolate which has a high percentage of cocoa butter should satisfy you after one or two bites - not too sure how that is at all possible when you have a mountain of chocolate in front of you.

Overall we had an enjoyable evening and feel 100x fatter just thinking about how much chocolate we ate (Matt devoured the gift pack on the way home). Thank you Naomi and Ryan from Zomato and Tina and your lovely sister from Adora Handmade Chocolate for hosting the Zomato Blogger High Tea Evening.

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