Circa | Parramatta

Looking for a casual catch up with a friend? What about a casual date? I would suggest Circa at Parramatta. You can mingle and get to know each other whilst you wait forever for a table. Get in there early! This is definitely a hidden gem in Parramatta as Circa is a cafe I thought I'd find in Surry Hills or Newtown. 

Don't really understand the flower in the flask - didn't really fit with the theme (in my opinion). 

Iced long black

Baked Eggs
Baked free range eggs with sujuk, danish fetta, diced tomato and hint of chilli with toast served in a pan. 

Ottomon Eggs
Poached free-range eggs with crumbed egglant, garlic labneh, burnt chilli and sage served with seeded sourdough baguette. 

As we were waiting for our table, I saw at least 5 of these dishes coming out from the kitchen. 
I didn't quite grab the name but was eager to try it. I decided to order Ottomon eggs in hope that it would be the dish I wanted to try.

Perfectly poached eggs, loved the garlic labneh (it wasn't too garlicky). It was confusingly heavy on the stomach (as I expected this dish to be light and refreshing). 
I could barely taste the  burnt chilli and sage sauce.
Warning: If you don't like a creamy dish, this is NOT the dish for you. 
I would've preferred this dish more if the sourdough was more crunchy. But overall, I would order this dish again (but I would need to wash it down with something fizzy)

Oh hey (please don't judge) but I uploaded the Ottomon Eggs photo on my personal facebook and received comments about it looking like a rabbit. 
So......I couldn't help myself.........

Enjoy :)

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Chur Burger | Surry Hills

If you have been following our latest activity, we are trying to find the best burger place in Sydney. Slowly, we are getting closer to make a final decision, but it is taking us a while to actually get the time to visit all these places while maintaining our health. Today's adventure found our self at Chur Burger in Surry Hills. It is a very convenient burger joint, on the other side of Central station, approximately a 5 minute walk.

The atmosphere is very unique. All the staff are very laid back and do not offer much service. However it's almost as though that's the intention, because when you look at how the place is designed, you feel that it should be located somewhere in the middle of Newtown.

Christie could not help herself. The inner "gangster" inside made her want to take shots of all the graffiti. To be fair, it was pretty sweet! The made a burger twist to all their designs which made it that much better!

Alright, now onto the actual food....

Salted Caramel Milkshake
If you don't care much for burgers, still make your trip here for the milkshake!
I normally pass on any type of milkshake, I don't usually enjoy them (especially with food), I would prefer a refreshing drink rather than a milky treat. However, this has changed my mind! I now understand the enjoyment of a burger, fries and a milkshake. It was perfect, it was sweet enough for you to go back for more instantly, but at the same time the salt balanced it out, so it was never TOO sweet. I just wish there was no consequence of having too much...

Grilled beef, cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo, pickle
Onto the actual burgers now. Here we had the Beef option.
Personally I found this burger to be very dry. It looks like there is plenty of sauce on this burger, but it can't mask a dry Pattie. The only savior to this burger was the pickle which provided to be a refreshing taste to what was relatively a sub par burger.

Marinated grilled chicken, hot sauce mayo, minted slaw
We both fought for this burger, in hindsight I ordered it so therefore I could have just said no. Seriously though, if you were to give Chur Burger a try you must definitely get the Chicken burger! The chicken was marinated well (once again, it was a bit dry) but it reminded me of my experiences at El-Jannah or Habibs chicken shops. The slaw definitely made the difference though, it counteracted the dry chicken and made the burger that much enjoyable. But when I got to the end, most of the slaw was gone, leaving nothing but bread and dry chicken. The hot sauce mayo was mild to say the least, but was still very tasty!

Sweet potato fries, garlic, lime
Aioli.... how I love a good sauce to dip my chips. That unfortunately was the only highlight. While the sweet potato fries were very flavoursome, they were also soggy and cold. The fact that they were sitting on the counter for 5-10 minutes could have been the reason.

Top down shot of our meal (apologies, we could not restrain ourselves from drinking the milkshake it was THAT GOOD!). Followed by a "Burger in hand" shot, a foodie can not visit a burger joint without taking at least one of these shots ;)

Overall we enjoyed the food, but would only really come back if we were in the area. That said, I may return early to get a take-away of that milkshake :)
Try it out for yourself before you make a decision, but Burger Project still remains number one on our radar. Chur burger was also very expensive, that said if you go there just for a burger it is quite a cheap meal for the serving.

Burger hunting:

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Mary's Burger | Sydney CBD

Similarly to Burger Project, Mary's burgers has been blogged about quite a numerous amount of times, to a point where we felt disgraced to call ourselves "foodies" because we haven't even tried Mary's burger!
 So we finally decided to make the effort and try it on the weekend. The food was okay. I think with the hype, I expected more. The burger was nice (don't get me wrong) and tasty but it's not 
 I did enjoy ordering and having a picnic at Hyde Park (especially on a nice day).

Mary's Burger
Mary's Sauce, Beef Patty, Cheese, Onion, Tomato and Lettuce

The reason why you ask?
For the $15 I spent on a meal, the burger was small, the meat patty was thin and almost non-existent. To a point where the main flavours were the sweet bun and the salad. The sauce was really nice, but was also lacking. The burger was not a complete disaster, we did still enjoy it, but the whole time eating it I was thinking that the $15 could have been spent on a better meal.
That I felt let down almost.

Another shot at the burger. I do love it when a burger is greasy, when your body is hating you for every bite you take. But not to a point where it can't survive 5 minutes without completely falling apart. We would have loved to eat in and enjoyed the burger fresh, but the other disappointment was the absence of seats. But it was a good excuse to get out to the park and enjoy the sun!

Another thing.. French Fries are a cheats chip. They could have served me up frozen fries and I could not honestly tell the difference. They were slightly more tastier than McDonalds, but put it in a McDonalds' fries packaging and server it to me, I would honestly just think that they have stepped their fast food game up a notch.

Obligatory half eaten burger shot below where you can see how small that beef patty is. On par with the size of a Maccas cheeseburger?

Mary's burgers are much better than most burger joints out there. It falls third on my list of favorites behind Burger Project and Grilled. I might have to come back and try the chicken burger as I have seen good reviews about it. Perhaps we should go back with lower expectations next time come. It is definitely worth trying for the hype, but if you are willing to travel a bit further, then you are best going to The Burger Project.

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Burger Project | Sydney CBD

American Cheese
Grass fed Beef, Cheese, Onion, Pickles, Secret Sauce and Rose Mayonnaise.

The Burger Project has had its fair share of scrutiny since opening, and for that reason we had never really gone out of our way to try this place. My new job locates me 5 minutes from World Square, so I had no real reason to avoid it anymore. Besides, recently there were reviews stating that the joint had completely turned around! So I took a good hour off for lunch (you will need it as it gets quite busy) and decided to purchase the American Cheese burger, Chips and a drink. Overall, it cost me over $18 for a meal, which is somewhat ludicrous to begin with. Personal tip, the drink is full of ice and is not worth the $3.50 they charge. Still on the topic of "oh no they didn't"'s, there were two different types of Cheeseburgers on the menu, the difference between the two was that one had a "Rose Mayonnaise" added to the burger. The difference in price was $1. I cannot justify an additional $1 for sauce, but that said I did purchase the more expensive burger.

Chipolte Chilli

Alright rant over. On to the positives.
Generous thick patty, smothered with two different types of sauces, pickles (I LOVE PICKLES), onions and two layers of melted American yellow cheese. All while being served on a greasy mess that is called a bun. Simply put, it was brilliant! The best thing about it was the fact that I felt both satisfied and yet still wanting more. It was a real dirty burger that made you consider a gym membership! Brief mention of the sauces - YUM! I would love to know what that secret sauce is so I can make it myself and dip every piece of food I eat for the rest of my life in it.
The chips were nothing too special. The seasoning was nice but was lacking the chilli it specified on the menu. It reminded me of the shaker fries that Oportos were giving out not too long ago.

Overall, when comparing this burger to the likes of Grill'd or Mary's, I personally think this comes out on top. The portion and taste makes it a great eat if you don't mind clogging your arteries. We will be back, in fact my calendar already has a date set for next Friday! Can't wait to try the double, or even the chilli cheese!

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The Garage Burgers & Snags | Parramatta

The Garage Burgers and Snag in Parramatta is a unique restaurant with a great "garage" theme. If it's your first time visiting, you order at the counter! The customer service was top notch! The young gentleman who served us was attentive and engaging! He found out I was taking photos of food and told me about their instagram. During our conversation, I mentioned that I was a food blogger and he even liked my facebook page (wow, that was unexpected. Thank you!)

No, that's not a candle in the image below, it's paper towels (garage theme). 
There are no serviettes. Get down and dirtyyy.

Feature wall completed by a recent HSC graduate as his art major piece.

Our table and view.

Sweet potato chips
Was rather soggy but we dipped it in coconut chilli mayo sauce and garilc aoili so that made up for it.

Barra Burger
Barramundi fillet in a light batter with truffle mayo and rocket on a brioche bun
This was my burger!! I really enjoyed it - the barramundi was nicely battered and had a great crunch. Perfect amount of truffle mayo! The brioche was huge so I took the top off and only ate the rest.

Lamb Burger
100% lamb patty with beetroot, pomegranate and walnut relish, fetta cheese, black olives and baby spinach.

Chicken Snag
Chicken sausage with spicy tomato relish,smokey aioli mayo and rocket.

Onion rings
Nicely battered, well cooked and had a great crunch. Perfect when dipped with their fancy sauces :)

Yes boys, there are car magazines in this restaurant.

Loving the theme

Motorbike on wall!

I had such a nice catch up with these girls (ironically) in a Garage themed restaurant. 

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