Waffle Bant | Liverpool Westfield

Waffle Bant opened in Liverpool Westfield just under 3 months and we can't believe we only found out now!!!

On a shopping date with my bestie (who is a crazy chocolate lover and crazy in general), it was inevitable that I would be dragged in to Waffle Bant. I didn't have my camera on me so the photo quality is probably different but I just had to blog about how good Waffle Bant's waffles were!!!

A very rustic feel when stepping inside Waffle Bant. 

I love displays of food (at least, I know what I can expect). 
But my Oreo waffle was a HUGE surprise.

White choco waffle 
Premium hand made waffle made of premium white chocolate. The thing that amazed us was how the white chocolate 'slice' had Waffle Bant imprinted on it!!! 

Oreo waffle
ooOooo where do I start? The waffle was sweet, crunchy and buttery. It was so tasty and surprisingly, I wasn't feeling 'sick' in the stomach afterwards. I don't know about you but when I had something sweet, my stomach feels weird... I usually need something savory to cure it.

This Oreo heavenly waffle came with smashed up Oreo pieces, mascarpone gelato (it's super soft and light) and to top it off.............white chocolate drizzle. 
Oh boy, you wonder why we are hooked on you.

Again, not the best photos but is HIGHLY recommended from us. 

We had Waffle Bant withdrawal symptoms....
My bestie texted me a day after the incident... 
"omg let's go back to waffle bant....im going to randomly pull you out one day to get waffles with me"

Best friends can get fat together. 

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Japanese BBQ Yakiniku GYUZOU | Sydney CBD

Obligatory top down shot of everything we had. So much food, we really didn't think we would finish it all at first. But we got to the end and wanted more!

A big special thank you to Olivia (Mademoiselleinsydney) from SD Marketing for extending the invitation to dine at Gyuzou. We truly appreciate good food and you have let us experience great food this night.
We are already planning going back to try the Ramen and Hot Pot!

It's situated in a nice little isolated location. The restaurant has taken over the premises of where Riviera used to be. Hopefully this will stick around longer than they did!

As we arrived, this meat display was the second thing we saw (apart from the lovely feature wall above). 

Touch screen ordering system. We were still ordering and our initial selection were arriving at our table in a matter of minutes! Talk about quick and efficient service!!

Complimentary dipping sauces from left to right: 
Yakiniku sauce, salt sauce and chilli sauce. 

SAKE lemon lime and bitter cocktail. We didn't really taste the SAKE nor did it give the effect of alcohol. However it was still really nice. You know how we love our Lemon Lime Bitters! :)

Sweet Lychee cocktail - Caution. Really REALLY sweet.

Chuck Tail Flap and Short Rib

Short Rib
Christie found this slightly chewy but I on the other hand Matt thought it was the better of the two meats. We had a choice to have the meat marinated in either Soy Sauce or Salt. We opted for salt both times as we had a side dish of Soy sauce if needed.

Chuck Tail Flap
The description on the menu said melt in your mouth. It definitely lived up to the expectation. The meat was very tender and you could barely notice any fat throughout the meat. Once you bit into the meat, it tore apart immediately, meaning you weren't having to play tug of war with your food.

Assorted Vegetables
We had the cabbage with our meat, placed the mushroom, corn and onions on the bbq plate. Matt kept dipping the carrot in the cheese fondue. A great side for the meat.

Cheese Fondue 
Oh this was to die for.... initially we were spooning the sauce and "drinking it". Later when it cooled down, it was cluggy. THEN, i remember seeing a blog post where the cheese fondue was placed on the hot plate. AND THE MAGIC HAPPENED. 

Seared WAGYU sushi
A great little snack that was full of flavour whilst waiting for our meat to cook. 

BBQ-ing away. I would go back for the BBQ alone!

Means 'grill as you like' in Japanese. Did you know that? We didn't either! 
I loved the bubbly texture and flavoursome filling. This makes me even more excited for our Japan trip later this year! *SQUEALS*

BBQ-ing our vegetables and meat. Great thing about this place was it's ventilation. We were using the BBQ for all sorts of things yet not once did we need the plate to be changed as a result of too much smoke. It may be different with marinated meat, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I thought the corn looked pretty so I made my own dish! 

Perfectly grilled mushroom (oh  yeah, go me. Wife material right there)

Green Tea Parfait
When this arrived at the table, we had forgotten exactly what it was we ordered. So when we saw the ice-cream we had assumed it was just Green Tea ice-cream. Then when we dug deeper, we found the layers of cake, cornflakes and fruit! It was really nice and fun trying to determine what you might find next!

Once again, thank you to SD marketing for the lovely night. We would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys a good barbeque. Their selection of meat is pretty large and it extends to seafood and chicken also. The only thing I would want to see when we go back is for more Chicken options for grilling. Otherwise the staff were very attentive, friendly and tried very hard to make small conversation with all guests. The tables are also big enough to have numerous plates surrounding the grill, so you are not constantly having to move it off the table. 
Yum! :)

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Aqua S Ice Cream Parlour | Sydney CBD

We don't normally join in on the hype but we couldn't resist ourselves this time! 

The unique Sea Salt Soft Serve from Aqua S. 
You can choose from a cone, small cup or a large cup.
YES! It is a dark chocolate cone!!

Above are the prices. Why not get all toppings? It's only $8. 
It's worth the hype, experience, wait and everything! 

What does all toppings include? Popping candy, sweet popcorn, fairy floss and grilled marshmallows. YES, IT'S SUPER STICKY!

Ready for the icecream to drip all over your fingers and hand? 
Make sure you take advantage of the serviette there!

The question everyone is dying to ask.... 
HOW WAS IT?!?!??!!??!

It's definitely unique to say the least. Our first taste of the sea salt soft serve was *KA POW*
The saltiness took over - it was REALLY strong. Then we started to eat it with the fairy floss and popcorn. The saltyness and sweetness from all the sugary goodness worked well together. 
I probably won't get the soft serve on its own though.
We had the biscotti flavour at the bottom of the cone (it's usually twisted but the machine wasn't working that night). We highly, HIGHLY recommend the biscotti flavour!
Apparently there's also lemon tea flavour.... 


Can I secretly say.... 
Aqua S is the Best :)

La Fettuccina | Cairns CBD

Deciding where to dine out is becoming one of the hardest questions we ask our self ever week. Mostly because we want to try something fun, new and interesting, but at the same time we secretly just want to re-visit a favorite. Third world problems eh? That is why we chose to stroll around Cairns city until we both came to an agreement.

We found a restaurant that was buzzing with life. The outdoor area was packed full of people (on a Wednesday Night as well), and inside was not much different. Luckily they were able to accommodate us straight away, where we were seated at a nice little table against the wall.

As you can see, the place is only very small. It is screaming authentic Italian with it's furnishing, and the amusing pictures were a good laugh. Not knowing until we left, that this was actually Cairns' oldest Italian Restaurant! You can't get any more Authentic than that!

Pane All'Aglio
Crusty semolina roll with herb and garlic butter
We normally try to avoid Garlic bread as an entree as it fills you up too quickly. But as we entered, we were enticed by the aroma of the garlic bread passing by, in the hands of a nice waitress. We were sold!
Unfortunately, it was nothing special. It was.. Garlic bread. Hah! But nonetheless, the garlic spread was generous!

Gnocchi Ai Quattro Formaggi
Potato dumplings with a four cheeses sauce – the speciality of Northern Italy
Gnocchi. How can anyone turn their nose to this dish. Especially one that is accompanied by 4 different types of CHEESE (We love cheese if you haven't already noticed). Christie found it a bit too much and too heavy, but I loved every bite. I could eat this as a dish alone, but then again my tolerance for cheese is very high. That Gorgonzola......

Tortellini Al Pollo E Salsa Rosa
This meat filled pasta, supposedly shaped like the navel of Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, is served with chicken, shallots and avocado in a pink sauce

Alright, I am not the biggest fan of Avocado. Even after trying this dish, I still don't see how Avocado and Pasta go together. However, Christie was happy to take my servings. She loved the texture of the avocado and pasta. I thought the dish worked really well (excluding the avocado of course =P), it was a very generous serving and yet the bowl was left empty.

If you are ever in the area, it is definitely one of the better restaurants we have dined at during out stay in Cairns. Plus, it is quite central to all the different hotels in the area, so it is also very convenient!

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