The Rag and Famish Restaurant | North Sydney

We were treated out to a team lunch at the Rag and Famish restaurant. Possibly the best pumpkin ravioli there is in town! I must say, I love my job and quite frankly am a very lucky employee! 

We started off with the Arancini balls which was lovely however a little more cheese and a touch of salt would be perfect! Overall, anything deep fried is a "YES PLEASE" for me. 

We also had zucchini flower fritters stuffed with mozzarella. With a dash of lemon, it was quite a pleasant taste. 

This is the pumpkin raviolli that I have been going on about (for those of you who know me personally). We had a team lunch previously and I had the best pumpkin raviolli ever! Although the presentation is slightly different from last time, the taste is still there. 
It's the sage butter sauce. 
I highly recommend this dish (for those who work on the other side of the bridge)!
It's only a short walk from North Sydney station.

Oven baked Miso Salmon served with seaweed, cucumber salad and celery looked great and was "quite lovely". 

Lamb & Rosemary sausage with mash, pea and onion gravy. The smell of this gravy coming out was to die for. I enviously stared at this dish ... haha

Dessert time! Yes, we did it. We made room for dessert.

Three espresso crème brulee please! Yum yum sugar overload. If we somehow end up really excited, chirpy, happy, loud, hyper all of the above then it's either because of the espresso or sugar. Probably a combination of both...

Look at that crackle! You can pretty much hear it cracking (use your eyes to picture the sound)
The best bit of a creme brulee is cracking the blow-torched layer of sugar! 

Eten Mess - deconstructed pavlova. I love pavlova and I especially love the crusty bits.. you know what I'm talking about right? The sugary goodness that melts in your mouth..  

If you are planning a team event or a friday night out after work, definitely give the Rag a go! 
It's a hidden restaurant above the bar! 

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