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Do we love cheese? I think 'love' is an understatement. Cheese completes everything! 
We visited Hunter Valley Cheese and we had such a lovely time queuing up for the private cheese session. It didn't go for long (5 mins max) but the person who served us was so lovely! She took the time to explain the cheese and answer our questions. I was so overwhelmed, I completely forgot the names of the cheese. 

So I decided to email Hunter Valley Cheese to which Rosalia responded within a day! Talk about amazing turnaround time!

From left to right: 
Riley's Marinated Fromage Blanc (tasted)
Branxton Brie (tasted)
Hunter Gold Washed Rind (tasted)
Brokenback Traditional Vintage (tasted)
Milawa Blue Vein (did not taste - was not daring enough!)

Riley's Marinated Fromage Blanc (tasted)

Branxton Brie

Brokenback Traditional Vintage (our favorite!)

Wasn't too sure what the above was, but it was goats cheese with an ash coating? 

I've never see green wax for cheese before! (I've seen red and blue). It's a special wax that preserves the self life of the cheese! (You learn something knew everyday hey?)

The amazing Brokenback Traditional Vintage...  Oh this melted in my mouth. 

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