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Heading down south? Stop by Panorama House for a buffet style lunch with an amazing view! This place is also perfect for weddings, functions and for those who want to impress their significant other, the perfect date! 

No, this is not all for me! We're lazy people so I grabbed some selections from the dessert section to share! 

Here we go - I took photos of all dishes! This was doable as the variety in comparison with star buffet was little. 

First up - Chicken. The label was very brief (as all buffets are) so I'm not too sure what's in the chicken dish. 

The below was labelled Vegetarian. IT'S AN AMAZING VEGETABLE BAKE. 

Another Chicken dish. These were chicken wings! Yummy yummy honey soy flavoured (i believe). 

Fried rice. Ehh coming from an asian background, this doesn't look like the fried rice I had in mind. I didn't try it but Matt said it was 'alright'. 

Dessert selection! Is it me or does everyone look forward to dessert time at a buffet? 

There were no labels so judging by what I've tasted it was a caramel mud cake, chocolate cake and a vanilla/apricot type mud cake. All very heavy! I was looking forward for a nice pavlova!

The cold salad section! I only had the pumpkin and pine nut spinach salad with fetta cheese.

Continuing on with the hot food is Pork chops!

What's a buffet without the kids favourite? Deep fried chips!! Except this time, THE CHIPS WERE SEASONED WITH HEAPS OF CHICKEN SALT. YUM!!

The calamari could also use some seasoning.... Looks can be deceiving :( 

This was a nice light tasting fish dish. 

This dish was called ' polenta slice '. It tasted like lasagna! I just discovered how to make lasagna without using sheets! It tastes just like it! AND NOW I'M SHARING IT WITH YOU ALL! 

Veal. With lots of mushroom! 

I think this was chicken tortellini (it was labelled as pasta). This dish was really really nice. I would say it's as nice as a $30 main dish from an Italian restaurant. 

Ravioli of some sort. Again, the label was Pasta. 

Here's what we got! When I go to buffets, I love taking a little bit from EVERYTHING!

Unlike Matt, who takes a portion from each dish. But I guess that's filling whereas my method is stupid hahaha! I don't actually get completely full. 

Look at the view and the wedding arrangement. Isn't it amazing? 

More wedding decorations

And with such an irresistible view, I MUST TAKE A PHOTO!

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