The Good Food and Wine Show 2014

Here we are.. Our first Good Food & Wine Show, and what a fun overall experience it was!
We were lucky enough to acquire free tickets during their promotional giveaway period, this entitled us to free entry to the event (normally $31 for an adult). Still, paying this price would have definitely been worth it considering all the free samples (WE LOVE FREEBIES!). You walk out of this event with a full stomach, red cheeks and a few bruises from all the pushing and shoving. Nonetheless, FUN!

As we entered we immediately saw the Edible Insect Gelato stand. Still not daring enough to try it! 

But a friend bought their product. Which would you try? I would probably try the lollipop. When I get to the worm, I will chuck it out (defeats the whole purpose).

Chatime free tastings! We tried everything already on their menu however free samples tastes better!

You also get a free gift (out of stock now). Free ceramic chatime mug!!

We bought a teddy bear and cupcake from the kids cancer project.

Nudie!!!!! Cutest brand & packaging :)

Loved the raspberry and coconut nudie soda! 

Hey look, it's a tomato cake (use your imagination)!

Lovely subtle taste - would've enjoyed the vanilla honey chai latte if it had less milk. 

I FINALLY FOUND MY ONION AND BALSAMIC VINEGAR JAM!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!! I LOVE THIS STAND!!!! Farmers Table - Gather & Glaze, you are amazing. It's Australian made and family owned. Lovely service (lovely lady). 

WOW! Caramel never tasted so good.

The most exciting stand of all (for me), THE TASTE OF KOREAN FOOD. I loved their dumplings. Fill in a survey and you get a free chopstix and spoon in a case!

Raspberry Vodka!

The lemon dressing was to die for. We didn't get any (our bags were soo heavy) - Probably wise next year to get the strolling bags.

The innocent bystander moscato. It's lovely, light an sweet! In the future, we are relaxing with a glass of moscato. Hellooooo life time customer!

Free pizza everyone (if you are bothered to queue up). 

We weren't bother to queue up (it was ridiculously long) so we had....


Express your interest and sign up at the Renault stand - you receive zumbo chocolate as well as a free picnic rug!

Can you spot yourself? I wonder how many people attended! Crazy!

So salty and tasty!

OMG. THE BEST PIES EVER. It was a hard choice for Matt to pick out a favourite. He tossed between the beef burgundy pie and the chicken leek and swiss cheese pie. My one was easy. BUTTER CHICKEN PIE.

How cute! It looks like cute undies for your wine cup (hahhaha). 

We had a blast at the Good Food and Wine Show!

Lovely people! They are who they are onair and off :)