July 06, 2014
Three Williams is definitely a secret hole in the wall cafe. It was our first time finding Three Williams and automatically knew from the crowd waiting outside 'a wall'.It was a different experience, the ambiance, atmosphere and people made our dining experience well worth the walk and short wait.

The french toast is what defines heaven. I'm not even going to attempt to describe how amazing the french toast with yoghurt, maple syrup and fresh strawberries & blueberries tasted. You have to try it out yourself!  

I present to you the merchant! The chilli fried egg and crispy bacon was amazing. I think what made our eyes pop out of our face was the pciked slaw and ranch dressing. I'm having post Three Williams symptom. I want to go back again!

Now, we couldn't resist trying the Narnies. It sounds so cute. What did we get? The coconut & lime marinated chicken, carrot and daikon salad with nam jim dressing. It wasn't up there (I'm comparing with the above two dishes) but it was still a pleasant feed. 

The staffs are probably used to being captured by us food bloggers. *Waves back* 

Loving the decor.

Can you believe this can seat up to 100 people? 

Kid friendly too!

Open kitchen is always a favourite for us. 

This is what we mentioned earlier! It's hidden in a wall. If there were nobody waiting outside, it wouldn't even be visible to us! 

Waiting happily for our food :)

Have a look at their menu below! 

We are probably the slowest people to discover Three Williams. If you are like us, it's never too late to discover AMAZING food. No wonder Three Williams is rated 91% on Urbanspoon!!!

Three Williams on Urbanspoon