Black Star Pastry and Cafe | Newtown

We had to pay a visit on the worst day ever. It was raining, cloudy, crowded (not unusual) and we were lost several times (this sounds so silly). 
You must be thinking we are Newtown Newbies hey? Haha. 

The infamous strawberry and watermelon cake. Will this live up to our expectations? 
(Keep scrolling down to find out). 

This was a very tiny 'regular' sized cup. 
We're no coffee expert but I'm pretty sure a latte should be sweet (based on what we tried previously) however this was very strong and bitter.
{edited: We later found out through the awesome Sydney Food Bloggers facebook page that a 'real' latte is not supposed to be sweet)

Normally, a name would be called for collection instead, coffees were left on the counter and we had to get up several times to check if it was our order etc. Slightly confusing (from observation as well) and uncomfortable. Matt turned around another persons coffee - {same order} - to check if it was his one ... and had to unnecessarily apologize for turning someones coffee around. 

What's the point of writing someones name down when it won't be called out? 

Our verdict:
 It didn't live up to the expectation I had but every bite was nice and refreshing.
I especially liked the 'AMAZING'  layer.  The watermelon was refreshing and made the cake seem less 'naughty' and somewhat 'healthy' because there was fruit in it :)

A handy tip - there's limited seating (actually, it's just a waiting area) so don't expect to dine comfortably in the cafe. There's a small seating area outside however if the weather was nice, we would've sat down elsewhere by the market stalls.

My ever so simple analysis:

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