August 13, 2014
PappaRich was definitely a restaurant that we had on our list (especially after seeing all the amazing blogs about it) but we just never got around to it. Thankfully Alana and Laura from Wasamedia invited us to join them for a tasting of all the food PappaRich has to offer!


Let's begin this article with FRIED CHICKEN SKINS! Why? Because I can :) 
This is obviously a specialty to PappaRich as we have not seen anything similar to this before (please correct us if we are wrong). It was the guilty pleasure sitting at both ends of the table, everyone feeling ashamed to go back for another piece because of how fatty it was. It was essentially the "pork crackling" of poultry! Crunchy, fatty, oily, tasty, diabetes inducing plate of perfection. Probably something to eat in smaller portions, if you don't care about a higher cholesterol!

It's definitely a full house without a doubt! I think every PappaRich location requires prior booking otherwise, you will find yourself queuing for a long time! We definitely felt like VIP on this day as we were ushered past the loooooooooooooong line of hungry customers. You could really sense their hatred for us as we walked past them to our seat, aside from being awkward it was still an amazing experience. We are also sorry if you were one of those waiting in line that day =P

Thank god for this ordering system. You pretty much select from the code on the menu and write it down below. This would reduce the awkwardness when the waiter comes over and asks if you are ready to order (when clearly, you are not). You can take your time, carefully think of what you REALLY want and write it down (which becomes your receipt as well). Efficient system I say!

After you are done, you don't even need to signal the waiter. All you do is press the green button below and your number will pop up on the screen and a waiter magically appears :)

You could go to PappaRich just for their drinks alone. They had plenty of choices, each sounding tempting than the other. It took the table at least 10 minutes just to select a drink there were that many options! Milo Dinosaur! Look at that mountain of Milo........You bet you will get your daily iron, calcium, vitamin B1 and C needs from the drink below (aside from the fat and sugars of course) :)

How refreshing does the Lychee Soda below look? One sip and you are in paradise (if only it was that easy).

I saw this on many tables (probably a crowds favourite?). I had the Mango Mania (there's coconut jelly and cherry and lychees in the drink). It was a variation of the Mango Blitz that you can find from Gloria Jeans. Nonetheless, it was still Delicious! 

One Matcha Rocks please. You must be thinking WOW... what is in THAT? It's green tea soya with red bean and (wait for it)......... green tea icecream! (Why did I not see this on the menu before I ordered my Mango Mania?????)

Continuing on our paradise journey, the next drink will take you to the Malvdives (I can imagine me sipping on an ice blended lychee and lime with vanilla icecream whilst looking into the horizon of relaxation). *back to reality..*

Now, the drink on the right is 'Coconut Paradise'. It looks really creamy doesn't it? But surprisingly when you have your first sip... it's VERY clear (as if you were just drinking a young coconut freshly cut opened). Handy tip: If you are going to have the Laksa... I suggest you order yourself the coconut paradise (thank me later). 

Cheers to eating food and food blogging!!

My first question to my that alcohol? No! It's just a fancy glass bottle for water!

Let's begin the feast with some satay chicken! I think it was peanut sauce (soft peanut and flavorsome sauce). The chicken was slightly overcooked but was tasty! I'm not too sure if the onion and cucumbers were necessary (dish worked well without it).

I just want to say wow. Just wow.The Roti is so crunchy, crispy, well balanced (light and fluffy on the inside) and had mild sweet aftertaste. The sauces had a burst of flavour which complimented the roti well (I could have easily eaten the roti on its own)

Roti Telur Bawang - Roti Canai with a lovely combination of both egg and onions throughout the bread. The beef melted in our mouth, it must have been braised for some time!

Vegetarian Shui Kau (Dumplings) - Dumplings are dumplings. Enough said :)

Curry Laksa (Chicken) and (Vegetable) - I normally judge a good Laksa by the soup. Now I'm not sure if this is the correct way, but if the soup is too thick or doesn't have a perfect balance of chilli and coconut milk then it normally lets the dish down for me. This Laksa definitely did not let me down! It was tangy, light and the chilli was pretty mild in comparison to others we have tasted. Unless you were going to drink the soup on it's own, then you should be fine (it's that good, you might actually - we did!)

I think the dish below is Pappa Asam Laksa.- We didn't get a chance to try this dish unfortunately but it looks very appealing.

Vegetarian Fried Mee Hoon (served with vegetarian sambal + tofu + shredded eggs) - Just a warning, these noodles are normally very dry. It shouldn't sway you from trying this dish out though as it is a good variation from all the soup dishes.

Pappa Chicken Rice with Streamed Chicken - A Malaysian favorite that comes complete with tender boiled chicken, fragrant chicken soup, bean sprouts and a combination of chilli, ginger and dark soya sauce for dipping. 

Pappa Fried Rice Noodles - Wok fried noodles with prawns, egg, shredded chicken and bean sprouts - Matt loves anything Wok fried... Fried Rice, Nasi Goreng, Char Kway Teow... this is just another dish to add to that list!

Vegetarian Siew Mai - AKA little pockets of oily goodness :)

Pappa Premium Ice Cream - To be totally honest with you, there was nothing special about this ice cream. It tasted the same as the Home Brand Neapolitan ice cream served with waffle and banana bits. I mean... Ice cream is still enjoyable but I would feel a bit ripped off if I ordered this.

What a perfect way to end such a feast fit for kings, but with a sweet Coconut Sago Pudding! We wanted to steal this dish and run, but after second thoughts it was probably good we didn't otherwise that yummy coconut milk would probably have been emptied all over us then where it belongs in our stomach! THIS IS A MUST TRY!

Roti Banana and vanilla cream - Look at the picture and judge for yourself. Some dishes don't even need us to review it as the picture just speaks for itself!

What did we do after our feast? (Wasamedia wasn't kidding about a FEAST!) We were invited to view the makings of the roti that I mentioned before. With the care taken to make each roti, it's no surprise that it turns out so beautifully airy and crisp. Got to give it to the man though, it is repetitive work!

The other experience was watching this BALLSY guy make the authentic Malaysian Tea. We were told the reason that he raises the boiling water above his head, is to create a froth when it reaches the other container. Now i question my local Barrista's ability when creating my cappuccino!
Where is his dedication like this guy?

Should you go try PappaRich and experience the food, the drinks and the culture? 
Quite simply put, Yes. 
It might be a wait to get into the establishment, but heed our words that it is most definitely worth it. We walked out with fully bellies, stretched jeans and a big grin on our faces. It probably helped to be surrounded by a lively bunch of friendly faces too! 

If you don't believe us, just look at how satisfied everyone looked below!!

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