Won Jo Korean BBQ | Strathfield

The restaurant was run by two people on a Monday afternoon (which is fair, it's not really peak hour) but the service was so slow... 
The food however made up for the slow service. The food came out pretty quickly (we didn't order anything too complicated) 

Who loves top down views of your meal? We do! Then.... we realize how much food is actually going into our stomachs.

Another thing I personally love about Korean restaurants are the generous servings of side dishes! Half of the time ... I have no idea what I'm eating but it's nice!

I think the bottom left is a sweet potato mash. Looks like ice cream!

Bulgogi beef! I think this is always a crowds favourite. 

Hmm is something missing? YES! I can't say no to Japchae at Korean restaurants!!

Delicious sweet potato noodles.... Japchae!

But wait... is this enough? No........ we are missing a.....

SEAFOOD PANCAKE! Was slightly bland (even with the sauce). I kept dipping the kimchi side dish sauce to the pancake.

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