Brewtown Newtown | Newtown (Part 1 - Sweets)

We finally made our way to Brewtown Newtown and had the infamous cronut/brewnut. 
No, not just one, not just two but three cronuts (bye bye workout #weneverworkoutanyway).

I promise to eat healthy the entire week to make up for this, the thought that was on my mind as I take a bite.

On a horrible day with terrible weather as soon as we stepped foot inside Brewtown Newtown we were simply swept away. We were slightly confused in the beginning (whether to wait outside in line, or write our names down). We approached the person near the cash register and asked how we can get a table. We soon discovered that there's a man holding a piece of paper writing names down! 

Perfectly placed Brewnuts.Why perfect you ask? Because I just want to try one after the other... after the other....

We didn't even notice the menu! (Tooo busy focusing on the Brewnuts)

The Jam oozed out in our mouth and swirled around and around until it melted. *gulp*
Perfect sweetness, fresh and with a slight crunch. 

Glazed brewnut. My mouth is watering as I write this post.

We took away the passionfruit brewnut and tried to finish it but couldn't. 

Stay tuned for our savoury post in Part 2 of Brewtown Newtown!

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