Dae Jang Kum Korean BBQ Restaurant | Chinatown

Korean BBQ is always fun, leaves the smokey smell in your hair, clothes and you are slowly marinating your own skin. This might sound disgusting but I love smelling my hair after Korean BBQ! Moving on - this is perfect for a cold night! 
(Not bad too in Summer if you want to let out some sweat). 

The thing I love most about KBBQ is the unlimited side dishes! 

We would almost always order the bulgogi beef and chilli marinated chicken! 
Raw meat does not look appealing at all but as Barney says ... wait for it....

And then the magic happens.. *the aroma bounces from one head to another in the room*

I love korean pancake but sometimes it can be slightly bland (even with the dipping sauce)
So what do we do?

I'm not sure how this affects the hot plate, but I place it on the hot plate, smear some kimchi from the side dish on and smear some dipping sauce on (carefully ofcourse). 

Korean pancake, bulgogi beef and lettuce = healthy (yes, I keep telling myself KBBQ is healthy.....)

*pats belly* good effort. 

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