Thy Vietnamese Eatery | Cabramatta

To my local readers: You know the old Vinh Phat yum cha place (before Vinh Phat upgraded to an amazing restaurant) well, a new restaurant Kim Phu yum cha place opened up. Unfortunately, it didn't last too long. My family walked past this NEW place Thy Vietnamese Eatery in Cabramatta. 

We loved the spacious layout of chairs and tables which allowed me to dine comfortably. 
I often feel cramped and bumping into other customers because tables and chairs are placed way too close together! 

Banh Xeo - Vietnamese Pancake. 

What a cute pillow cushiony menu with a traditional vietnamese lady symbol.

My dad snipped the spring roll in half before I took the photo :( 
But I really enjoyed this dish.

This wasn't on the menu but they could make it especially for my sister. 

Bun Rieu (tomato soup). To me, this lacked the tomato flavour that I can normally taste with authentic bun rieu dishes.

Wafer thin vietnamese pancake. If I'm being totally honest, this banh xeo didn't live up to my expectations (I'm comparing it with Que Hong which is rated 95% on Urbanspoon). 

You won't miss the bright red banner!