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We were happily enough to accept an invite by Wasamedia, inviting us to dine at Candeloris in Smithfield for a second time. If you would like to re-cap on our first experience, click here!

Considering the last time we dined here being a Launch party, this time around was very different. Don't get us wrong, the food is still very much authentic and the establishment is as beautiful as ever. But this time around felt different. It felt more comfortable and welcoming.

A table of food bloggers is unmissable
When the food comes out...1....2.....3....Lights, Cameras and ACTION!

Is it just me or is there something pearlescent about the image above?
The soothing marble bench adds a fine touch of elegance to the newly refurbished Candelori's restaurant. 

I would classify Candelori's a little bit fancy (and in my books, a fine dining restaurant)


Ferrero Rocher Sbagliato
Dark chocolate mousse, caramelised hazelnuts, chocolate brownie, fior di latte gelato.
The oozy centre is how a traditional Italian brownie should be (this was the first time we've heard of a medium rare brownie). This dish had everything that will get your tastebuds going! Popping candy, caramelized hazelnut, hazelnut twirl (the WOW factor). You can't miss the rich chocolate mousse complimented by the 'flower of milk' gelato!!

Hazelnut pannacotta, roasted hazelnuts, ginger crumbs, strawberries, italian teardrops.
What we've learnt: Italian teardrops = tiny meringues. The pannacotta was so smooth and creamy! I couldn't taste the ginger crumbs but I appreciated the fresh fruity salsa! 

Warm ricotta and lemon donuts, honey, pistachio, vanilla bean gelato
The fact that this dish was still very much warm by the time all us bloggers had finished with it, shows how fresh it was! It was light, fluffy and airy! I loved it! I wanted more! I would highly recommend this! There's just something about this dish that made me want more...

Cassata Negativo 
A cassata is neopolitan icecream with candied or dried fruits and nuts. In this dish, it was jelly fruits on gelato. There's a lot happening in this dish such as caramelised figs, dehydrated mandarins, grated belgium chocolate, a great zesty punch and yep. You guessed it.
Fairy floss. I ... This is a very strong dessert so get your tastebuds ready!

Cannoli Ananas
Pineapple Cannoli, pineapple mousse, crushed meringue, blueberry, mint
Loved the pineapple cannoli - the crepe itself didn't taste like the ordinary crepe. It was had a little bounce when I cut into it. It was more like a really soft solid jelly? (I hope I'm making sense)
I remember laughing at Matt who said "try the salsa". I'm thinking... no sweetie, it's not salsa what are you on about? I'm sorry, you were right. It's a blueberry and strawberry salsa!! 
When I see the word salsa i think of Mexican food. Never would I think of a 'salsa' in a dessert!

Semifreddo Arrancia Rossa 
Blood orange semifreddo, negroni pearls, toasted marshmallow, sorrel
The blood orange segments were really strong, so be careful ordering this dish. We only had a small serving and found that it was enough for us. It was still very much enjoyable, but we would have much preffered to dig into the other desserts (Can you blame us? =P). Doesn't those negroni pearls look awfully a lot like fish eggs? I was thinking they were mini popping bobas.

Candelori's is very much a family business, they pride them self on this fact. We were lucky enough to meet the founder's son, Christian Candelori. Throughout our whole meal, Christian explained to us what flavour combinations were happening on each meal. He then continued to explain why they chose to mix those flavours. It was very insightful to see the thought process behind each dish!
Matt paying 110% attention to Christian, whilst I'm over here... capturing this photo. 
This is why we are a team! 
One listens and reports and the other well, running off frantically trying to capture everything!

Spot the silly goose. 

Would you like tea of coffee after your divine dessert dining experience at Candelori's?
(other bloggers coffee - we were way too full to fit anything else in. Not even another..... bombolini)

Did you just think we had dessert for dinner?
Aww c'mon... :)

If you are looking for the true taste of an Authentic Italian Pizza, then look no further. Candelori's is trying to be authentic to their roots, that is why they don't use the standard pizza bases/dough that you might find at other restaurants. They use imported flour which is creates a dough that is very thin, light and easily digestible. No where have we tried a pizza base similar to this. They are even amidst getting their pizza's accredited to be the authentic Italian Experience! In advance, we forgot some of the names of the pizza's so please forgive us =)

Amidst these pizzas, we had several toppings. Prosciutto and house made Buffalo Mozzarella cheese were the main global ingredients on almost each pizza. They have a very good reason because these ingredients absolutely mouthwatering. I would go back to the restaurant JUST for one of these pizzas.

Fun fact. Pizza's were originally rectangular in shape! If you go to Italy, you will mostly find pizza's shaped like this.

Prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, mushrooms and truffle oil
There were variations of course with each pizza, this one included mushrooms which Matt happily passed onto my plate. They may not look like much, but they are all hidden beneath that amazing Prosciutto! The truffle oil really makes a difference as it makes the pizza that little bit dirty! This is the kind of pizza that you take home, crack open a bottle of wine with and let the night play out. Then in the morning, it does the "walk of shame" to the garbage, while you try explaining to your partner where you were all night =P

With simplicity and the drive to deliver to your customer comes great success. The Margherita pizza was "simply perfect" quite put. The sauce made all the difference, but once again you still can't go past that Buffalo Mozzarella!

Cherry tomato, artichokes, eggplant, capsicums and buffalo mozzarella
The vegetarian option of the night. I really enjoyed how much flavour this pizza actually had. It was surprising as you think "it is just vegetables on a pizza base, how nice can it be? 

Matt did not even realise there were mushrooms on this pizza! That says something... The pork sausage was very tasty and accompanied the mozzarella well. 

Yes, I say our stomachs did a great job at keeping everything down that night. I'd imagine a few bloggers would be going home with broken belt buckles after all this food! Once again, thank you to Wasamedia and Candelori's for hosting such a fabulous night. This is a restaurant that we will DEFINITELY come back to!

If you would like to re-cap on our first experience, click here!

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