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What a lovely peaceful dining experience at Zen Oasis. 

Before we stuffed ourselves with vegetarian food, we walked by 'Qiqi' the tilting utensil. 

"Tilted when empty, uupright when half full; overturns when full. Which type of posture do you think you assume in everyday life? Full? Empty? Or, perhaps, super upright?"

I poured mine half way :) 

The view is so calming with a picturesque garden - it was simply breathtaking.

 The welcome sign on the door created a Welcome Home feel (not that I have a welcoming sign or anything) but in movies, it's always home sweet home with a welcome sign (or doormatt).

Since we traveled over an hour to get here, might as well be tourists!

Truly a different dining experience - we're inside a bamboo house!

Many cute displays around the restaurant (way too cute!!!!)

Feature picture.

There were lots of bonsai's at Zen Oasis! 

The deep fried food section!

There were curry puffs, spring rolls, sesame balls, wontons, wu gok, crispy sweet soy seaweed crackers (amazing, I had an entire plate). It was highly addictive!

The service just started and as you can see, the deep fried section is a popular choice.

Fried rice - This was an acquired taste. We didn't particularly enjoy the fried rice but everyone has different tastebuds!

Dessert bar
We have mochi, jelly, puddings, panacotta, yoghurt, cakes etc!

Fruit platter

Freshly made Sushi 

Salad bar

Crystal dumplings - loved the wrapper (it was quite chewy) and refreshing.

Sui Mai

Oyster mushroom fritters and the take on vegetarian fish.

Miso Soup

The lemon tea was highly addictive, refreshing, sweet and DELICOUS!

MY FRIEND SAID THERE WAS A PANDA SUSHI. I didnt' know what she was on about. 
Until I saw this.

Below is the black sugar mochi

Cute displays yet again!!

Thank again Zen Oasis for the discounted buffet price. It was truly a different experience.
Thank you

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