Cafe Centro | Eastwood

A pleasant brunch indeed - perfectly poached eggs on the Benedict 
Poached Eggs, Bacon, Spinach, Hollandaise 

I had the potato cake (I believe) with poached eggs, GENEROUS amount of salmon and watercress.
I knew I wouldn't enjoy watercress but thought I would give it another try. Yep, just as I anticipated.
The watercress ended up in in my tissue. I wish I ordered a Benedict instead though :(
Matt loved his dish.

And again, the amazing rich hollandaise with perfectly poached oooooozing eggs... with spinach and a crunchy toast. *gulp* Why didn't I order this???? #regrets

It was tasty though :)

Air bicycle/bicycle on the wall! What's the story behind this does anyone know?
Please share with us :)

Rustic feel with the menu.

I love lemon lime bitters but the brand below was way too strong and tasted very syrupy.
We only had half a bottle (what a waste)

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