Encasa Spanish Restaurant | Haymarket

Encasa is a hidden gem located in Haymarket, it looks deceivingly small from the outside but once you turn the corner, it's actually a decent sized restaurant. 

We dined here a while ago (back in our uni years) and loved the Patatas Bravas
Fried potato with garlic mayonnaise and tomato salsa so we immediately ordered the dish again.
Tasted exactly the same way as we left had it 3 years ago - it did not disappoint. Then again, you're referring to two people who LOVE garlic sauce and anything to do with garlic (garlic mayonnaise) will always be in our good books!

Chorizo pasta
Spanish sausage, napoletana sauce - olives and chilli (we requested to have no olives). 
The pasta was nice and tasty but nothing extraordinary. 

Sangria and lemon lime bitters (Sangria must be ordered at Spanish restaurant right?)
It was my first time trying Sangria. It's pretty nice I must admit and feels healthy as I crunch on the apple pieces :)

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