Fogo Brazilia Churrasco | Bondi Beach

Fogo Brazilia Churrasco is a great place to go after Sculptures by the Sea!

We haven't touched the onion rings below but as you can see.... you can count them on one hand. That's $1 per onion ring eeeek!!

The fries needed more seasoning but that's what salt and pepper shakes are for right? 
Our tastebuds are super fussy and loves jam-packed flavours! 

Self service ordering system. 
Do you prefer self ordering systems or the traditional customer service?

Loving the interior, it's funky, bright and super vibrant! If you are going on a really hot day, I think this will make you feel like you're in fire! 

Was so tempted to start a beat >:)

Slow roasting delicious meat... mMmMmm

Brasilia Platter 
A selection of beef, chicken, lamb and beef chorizo served with bread and choice of salad or Fogo fries. When it first came to my table I thought "where's the chicken??". I think I may have overhyped myself a bit too much about this platter. The chicken was dry but still very tasty. The chorizo didn't disappoint, especially when dipped into the hot chilli sauce! But that beef... half of my pieces were not really edible as it was just fat. I remember Christie stealing a piece from my board and me telling her that she would regret it. Moments later it ended up in a tissue HAH! That said, it was marinated well. Shame on the piece of meat though.

Samba Salmon
Samba salmon diabo spiced, toasted tortilla, rocket, lemon and batata fritas.
On the contrary, I had a great tasty meal! The salmon was slightly overcooked but the sauce was great. I couldn't really taste the 'diabo spiced' flavour as it was overpowered by the sauce. There were HEAPS of rocket and the batata fritas (french fries) were nicely cooked. I'd recommend this dish as it's a little different (for me anyway). I don't know what the green sauce was but it tasted zesty and with hints of herbs..... an expert would be able to tell me! :)

I love their interactive website!

There's a Fogo Brazilia near you:
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