Product review: 2die4 Activated Organic Vegan Muesli

Shop Naturally is becoming Australia’s leading online health & wellbeing specialty store with over 2000 products from 200 Australian and International brands and we had the pleasure of trying 2Die4's Organic Muesli.

2Die4's very popular and delicious Organic Muesli contains Activated Organic: Almonds, Pecans, Buckwheat, Sunflowers, Pepitas and Pistachios. With Organic: Sultanas, Cranberries, Rolled Quinoa, Rolled Amaranth and Coconut. It's low in GI, gluten free and vegan! 

What makes it ACTIVATED nuts and seeds?
This was our question as well! The nuts and seeds are activated as they are long soaked in uniquely developed natural solution. The nut swells releasing various beneficial bacteria which naturally inhabit the surfaces of all raw foods. Then, the nuts are long-dried (dehydrated, not cooked) at very low temperatures. This arrests (does not kill) this nutrient-enlivening transformation, which simply re-activates once the nut mixes with our saliva. 

It's super tasty and deliciously nutritious, what a great kick start for breakfast and (for me) an afternoon snack! Some people prefer muesli with yoghurt/milk but I quite enjoy it on its own. 
I snacked out and (as usual) decided to play with my food.... 

I picked out the following from a small sample I poured out:

In order from left to right:
Top row: coconut, activated organic pistachio and almond
The coconut had a great snap, pistachio were fresh and almond was creamy.
Second row: activated organic pecans, organic sultanas and activated organic sunflower seeds
Pecans were fresh, buttery and had a slight crunch. The sultanas were super juicy and sweet! The sunflower seeds left a slight saltiness in my palette. 
Third row: organic cranberries, activated organic pepitas and organic amaranth, 
Again, the cranberries were very sweet on its own but complimented well with the pepitas (YUM) and the different texture from the amaranth. 

Wondering where you can buy or learn more about this amazing vegan and gluten free 2die4 organic muesli? Head over to Shop Naturally select the food tab and 2die4 products will appear. If not, search by brand! Or we've made it super easy for you and conveniently linked it here

Thanks Shop Naturally online health and wellbeing store Australia and Bleach PR for the sample.