Blackbird Cafe | Darling Harbour

What a great place to visit to start your weekend early or after a long day at work.
Relax, unwind and have fun with Blackbird cocktails :)

Peach vodka, malibu, blue curcao and lemon squash

Mint vodka, blue curacao, lemon sours and sprite
(This was my option as the description fitted in well with my day)
"Having a stressful day? De-stress and chill out w this easy cocktail"

I wish I stuck with my initial cocktail (the El Japon) but apparently the bartender can't make the cocktail without 'coconut cream'........ 

Oh hey, my friend decided to order the El Japon. 
 I thought the bartender had to mix the cream in the drink but it's just a scoop on top. 
I was disappointed that the bartender couldn't accommodate to my request. 

A tropical blend of midori , malibu, pineapple juice, mango juice and coconut cream

Fruity blend of fresh watermelon, midori , blue curacao, lemonade and a dash of grenadine

Blackbird Pastas
Blackbird is overpriced but for the ambiance and view (if you are seated outside) is well worth it. It would definitely NOT be a place to go for a first date... you would barely hear each other. My girlfriends and I were practically screaming at each other which made it an extremely fun night!
The pasta was nice, lovely flavour and generous amount of prawns (on mine). 
Couldn't really complain here (oh except that the music is wayyyy to loud).

Pancetta Fettucini
Pancetta, bacon and mushroom in a creamy pesto sauce with pistachios

Panfried with buffalo mozzeralla, fresh basil and cherry tomatoes.

Prawn Fettucini
Marinated prawns, chilli garlic, wilted spinach and napolitana sauce

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Shout out to my amazing boyfriend for organizing a surprise girls night out for me. 
True friends can be counted on one hand :)