Claypot King | Melbourne CBD

Claypot King may not look like it has seating from the outside but do not be fooled, head on in and pick a seat. We loved Claypot King so much, we had to revisit again and again for breakfast, lunch and dinner but we are only posting the lunch and dinner photos!

Claypot King is so affordable and tasty! The food is served in a timely fashion and the variety is HUGE! I wish I lived in Melbourne so I could try every single dish on their menu.

We started off with herbal soup of dried scallop with watercress and duck kidney. Very clear and sweet! Another bowl please!

Combination seafood claypot rice
This was disappointingly plain in flavour compared with the below claypot rice dishes. If you are after something not too strong, this would be the perfect dish.

Chinese sausage claypot rice
This was by far my favourite claypot! There were two types of chinese sausages (aka lap cheong) both which were sweet and enjoyable. I loved scraping the bottom of the bowl for the 'crispy' burnt rice :)

Chicken and mushroom claypot rice
The chicken was very tender, sweet and flavoursome. I didn't like the ginger (actually, i hate ginger) on the top. The mushroom was a bit sour for some reason so we left aside. Overall a pleasant dish but was abit salty near the bottom.

Salted fish and Belly Pork claypot rice
The generous serving of salted fish gave the dish an extra punch. The pork belly was nice and soft - it had a similar sauce (like the chicken and mushroom claypot rice). So as you would imagine, the dish was abit salty near the bottom. 

Pork spare ribs claypot rice
Eh, this dish was 'ok' I wouldn't order it again though. 

Hainanese chicken rice
YUM! The chilli sauce and chive/ginger sauce were so nice and did not overpower the chicken! The chicken was moist, soft and melted in my mouth. The rice was nicely infused with the ginger and garlic.

Seafood fried noodles
We requested the noodle be cooked extra crunchy and it came out SUPER crunchy! So addictive and a great dish to share.

Coconut taro drink

Longan on ice and iced lemon tea.

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