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The Daintree Ice Cream Company delivers homemade tropical fruit ice cream, made with fruits from their own orchid. For this reason, the flavours vary according to the season.You can find them on the northern side of the Daintree River en route to Cape Tribulation, and it is a must stop for all visitors... Unless you don't like ice cream, but who doesn't like ice cream?

The only downside to this ice-creamery is that you don't have much choice in what flavours you can choose from. They normally only offer three different flavours a week. We got lucky and got to try their Jackfruit, Mango, Raspberry and Wattle seed (yes, wattle seed is edible and tastes quite nice!). It is reasonably priced as well considering that everything is home made!

Left (brown-ish) is wattle seed, right is mango, bottom is raspberry and the jack fruit is underneath it all. Each flavour in itself tasted very rich, and they all worked really well together. Plus, given the 36 degree day, it held its weight against the heat. Lasted a good 15 minutes of solidarity!

Nice little seating area amongst their orchid. It feels almost secluded!

They offer other local Daintree produce, they all need to look out for each other out there!

The picture does not give this jack fruit justice. It was HUGE in real life, I guess that is why they had it on display. tehe

Apologies for the below pictures, we were back on the bus at this point and had to take pictures quickly of all their produce. They had all the different trees lined up along the drive way as you enter which gives you an idea of their whole range of flavours.

The place is family run and they are friendly folk. Be sure to stop by and have a chat with them, they have some pretty amazing stories to share!

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