Double Down Diner Messina and Porteno | Sydney Festival 2015

Oh boy, we revisited Gelato Messina at the Sydney Festival and tried the Nutty Piefessor. 
IT WAS REALLY GOOOOOD. Tasted a little bit like gaytime (my all time favourite). 
Definitely an enjoyable piece of 'pie'

Peanut butter biscuit base layered with peanut custard, vanilla gelato, peanut crunch topped with whipped cream.

Annnddd since there were no queues at Porteno, we got something to snack on!
The chilli cheese fries. It's enjoyable but wasn't the best. 

Visited: 11th January 2015.
We are big fans of Gelato Messina, especially because of their weird and wacky inventions we get a chance to experience. Last year was the Messinawiener and the Yeeeah Dawg, the Kaledoscope Bombe, Silly Cone Chips, Psychedelic Spider and Trifley Trippy from Vivid 2014 and who can also forget the Potluck Pies at the Night Noodle Markets. It's really hard to say no to such creative inventions!

We fail as foodies (sorry) as we only had enough room to fit two of the five desserts on the list. We HAD to choose The Royal with Cheese and the Not Chicken and Waffles. But we heard really good reviews of The Nutty Piefessor, so if you try it please let us know what you thought!
Who knows, we might be back next week ;)

The weather wasn't the best so we took shelter in a nearby tent to take pictures and eat away from the hustle and bustle of... a ghost town. There was barely anyone there on a Saturday Night!  Gelato Messina normally has lines queuing up to the entrance of the event. Lets hope this was a result of the weather and not the actual food.

Cute takeout boxes Messina!

The Not Chicken and Waffles
Don't be fooled, it may look like a deep-fried chicken drumstick but it is actually a deep-fried maple and pecan gelato served on a Belgium waffle with whisky caramel gravy! Unfortunately ours wasn't presented as well as most others, so it might not look as described. Thankfully the taste was still the same, this was by far the better of the two. The flavours worked well, but would have preferred if the waffle was crunchy rather than soggy.

The Royal with Cheese
Gelato Messina is boarding the burger train with their latest creation, the Messina 'gelato burger'. A milk chocolate pattie layered with a solid frozen white chocolate cheese, passionfruit 'mustard' and raspberry 'ketchup', served in a warm brioche bun.
I can't help but compare this to their previous work, and unfortunately it was only average in comparison. There was too much brioche for my liking, half way through I ended up removing the top half of the bun to actually enjoy the gelato.  

The next photo might not look appealing, but it just shows you how realistic the burger actually looks. 

If you do go, I would only recommend the Not Chicken and Waffles as well as any of the Gelato Pies (wish we had one instead). However, if you are after something a little wacky, then grab the burger and let us know what you think!

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