Sukjai Thai | Haymarket

After reading all the negative reviews, I was honestly expecting the worst. To my surprise, I really enjoyed dining here and Sukjai Thai had nice service. We had a scoopon voucher for four and had a choice of entree, mains (excluding king prawn, duck, pork rib, salmon and baramundi), drinks and dessert of the day.

Lemon Ice Tea and Thai Milk Tea
The lemon ice tea had a great fragrance to it. It was super addictive and refreshing. Loved every drop of it. The Thai Milk Tea was not overly creaming as well (to my liking).

Cutest and most colourful restaurant design. Many of you might be thinking this sign looks familiar? It's just down the road from Encasa! 
Wondering what Sukjai means?

Colourful airplane accompanied by adorable paintings of types of transportation vehicles.

Let the food begin :)

Fish cake: spicy fish patty served with sweet chilli sauce
Satay chicken: Marinated chicken served with peanut sauce
Vegetable spring roll and seafood spring roll:
 (Two pieces each)


Chicken fried rice. 
Would've loved a bit more wok hei but overall this dish had nice seasoning and was enjoyable.

Red chicken curry
An aromatic red curry in creamy coconut milk with corn, snow pea, carrot, cherry tomato and broccoli (was the description). I could not find any cherry tomatoes in the serving we had. I found this dish slightly on the watery side. 

Pad See Eew
Stir fried flat rice noodles in sweet soya sauce with egg and broccoli. Deliciously addictive and super sweet. I feel guilty every time I have Pad See Eew.... its so oily and unhealthy :( 
Anyone else with me? 

Nam Tok Nue 
Sliced marinated grilled beef in spicy lime sauce flavoured with pounded roasted rice and mixed thai herbs. This tastes like beef larb! The beef was slightly chewy though. The sauce was slightly on the salty side too. However, it is complimented well with the plain white rice (that came with the red curry)

The dessert of the day was Tub Tim Krob. 

Tub Tim Krob
Crumbled water chestnuts in pearl served with sliced toddy palm and coconut milk topped with crushed ice. This dessert was extremely sweet and creamy.

Lovely decoration near the entrance

Giant fork, spoon and knife! Yes, we are ready to eat Sukjai Thai

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