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If you have been following our latest activity, we are trying to find the best burger place in Sydney. Slowly, we are getting closer to make a final decision, but it is taking us a while to actually get the time to visit all these places while maintaining our health. Today's adventure found our self at Chur Burger in Surry Hills. It is a very convenient burger joint, on the other side of Central station, approximately a 5 minute walk.

The atmosphere is very unique. All the staff are very laid back and do not offer much service. However it's almost as though that's the intention, because when you look at how the place is designed, you feel that it should be located somewhere in the middle of Newtown.

Christie could not help herself. The inner "gangster" inside made her want to take shots of all the graffiti. To be fair, it was pretty sweet! The made a burger twist to all their designs which made it that much better!

Alright, now onto the actual food....

Salted Caramel Milkshake
If you don't care much for burgers, still make your trip here for the milkshake!
I normally pass on any type of milkshake, I don't usually enjoy them (especially with food), I would prefer a refreshing drink rather than a milky treat. However, this has changed my mind! I now understand the enjoyment of a burger, fries and a milkshake. It was perfect, it was sweet enough for you to go back for more instantly, but at the same time the salt balanced it out, so it was never TOO sweet. I just wish there was no consequence of having too much...

Grilled beef, cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo, pickle
Onto the actual burgers now. Here we had the Beef option.
Personally I found this burger to be very dry. It looks like there is plenty of sauce on this burger, but it can't mask a dry Pattie. The only savior to this burger was the pickle which provided to be a refreshing taste to what was relatively a sub par burger.

Marinated grilled chicken, hot sauce mayo, minted slaw
We both fought for this burger, in hindsight I ordered it so therefore I could have just said no. Seriously though, if you were to give Chur Burger a try you must definitely get the Chicken burger! The chicken was marinated well (once again, it was a bit dry) but it reminded me of my experiences at El-Jannah or Habibs chicken shops. The slaw definitely made the difference though, it counteracted the dry chicken and made the burger that much enjoyable. But when I got to the end, most of the slaw was gone, leaving nothing but bread and dry chicken. The hot sauce mayo was mild to say the least, but was still very tasty!

Sweet potato fries, garlic, lime
Aioli.... how I love a good sauce to dip my chips. That unfortunately was the only highlight. While the sweet potato fries were very flavoursome, they were also soggy and cold. The fact that they were sitting on the counter for 5-10 minutes could have been the reason.

Top down shot of our meal (apologies, we could not restrain ourselves from drinking the milkshake it was THAT GOOD!). Followed by a "Burger in hand" shot, a foodie can not visit a burger joint without taking at least one of these shots ;)

Overall we enjoyed the food, but would only really come back if we were in the area. That said, I may return early to get a take-away of that milkshake :)
Try it out for yourself before you make a decision, but Burger Project still remains number one on our radar. Chur burger was also very expensive, that said if you go there just for a burger it is quite a cheap meal for the serving.

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