Circa | Parramatta

Revisit; told you Circa is perfect for a casual catch up date!

Looking for a casual catch up with a friend? What about a casual date? I would suggest Circa at Parramatta. You can mingle and get to know each other whilst you wait forever for a table. Get in there early! This is definitely a hidden gem in Parramatta as Circa is a cafe I thought I'd find in Surry Hills or Newtown. 

Don't really understand the flower in the flask - didn't really fit with the theme (in my opinion). 

Iced long black

Baked Eggs
Baked free range eggs with sujuk, danish fetta, diced tomato and hint of chilli with toast served in a pan. 

Ottomon Eggs
Poached free-range eggs with crumbed egglant, garlic labneh, burnt chilli and sage served with seeded sourdough baguette. 

As we were waiting for our table, I saw at least 5 of these dishes coming out from the kitchen. 
I didn't quite grab the name but was eager to try it. I decided to order Ottomon eggs in hope that it would be the dish I wanted to try.

Perfectly poached eggs, loved the garlic labneh (it wasn't too garlicky). It was confusingly heavy on the stomach (as I expected this dish to be light and refreshing). 
I could barely taste the  burnt chilli and sage sauce.
Warning: If you don't like a creamy dish, this is NOT the dish for you. 
I would've preferred this dish more if the sourdough was more crunchy. But overall, I would order this dish again (but I would need to wash it down with something fizzy)

Oh hey (please don't judge) but I uploaded the Ottomon Eggs photo on my personal facebook and received comments about it looking like a rabbit. 
So......I couldn't help myself.........

Enjoy :)

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