February 08, 2015
Similarly to Burger Project, Mary's burgers has been blogged about quite a numerous amount of times, to a point where we felt disgraced to call ourselves "foodies" because we haven't even tried Mary's burger!
 So we finally decided to make the effort and try it on the weekend. The food was okay. I think with the hype, I expected more. The burger was nice (don't get me wrong) and tasty but it's not 
 I did enjoy ordering and having a picnic at Hyde Park (especially on a nice day).

Mary's Burger
Mary's Sauce, Beef Patty, Cheese, Onion, Tomato and Lettuce

The reason why you ask?
For the $15 I spent on a meal, the burger was small, the meat patty was thin and almost non-existent. To a point where the main flavours were the sweet bun and the salad. The sauce was really nice, but was also lacking. The burger was not a complete disaster, we did still enjoy it, but the whole time eating it I was thinking that the $15 could have been spent on a better meal.
That I felt let down almost.

Another shot at the burger. I do love it when a burger is greasy, when your body is hating you for every bite you take. But not to a point where it can't survive 5 minutes without completely falling apart. We would have loved to eat in and enjoyed the burger fresh, but the other disappointment was the absence of seats. But it was a good excuse to get out to the park and enjoy the sun!

Another thing.. French Fries are a cheats chip. They could have served me up frozen fries and I could not honestly tell the difference. They were slightly more tastier than McDonalds, but put it in a McDonalds' fries packaging and server it to me, I would honestly just think that they have stepped their fast food game up a notch.

Obligatory half eaten burger shot below where you can see how small that beef patty is. On par with the size of a Maccas cheeseburger?

Mary's burgers are much better than most burger joints out there. It falls third on my list of favorites behind Burger Project and Grilled. I might have to come back and try the chicken burger as I have seen good reviews about it. Perhaps we should go back with lower expectations next time come. It is definitely worth trying for the hype, but if you are willing to travel a bit further, then you are best going to The Burger Project.

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