Aqua Dining | Kirribilli

What a lovely evening as we dined overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Luna Park's ferris wheel and a swimming pool Yep, you guessed it. We dined at Aqua Dining in Milson's point.

Matt mentioned he booked a place a couple weeks earlier that had a four course Valentines menu. Being the snooping girlfriend that I am, I did my stalking and found out we would be dining at Aqua Dining!

The (almost) hidden wall entrance for Aqua Dining. 

We requested to be seated outdoor, and what a magnificent view we had! 
Well no, really it's my view - Matt swapped seats with me! ;-)

Specially prepared 'non seafood' menu at our request as you probably know, Matt is not a big seafood person. His limit is deep fried calamari and Takoyaki hah!

Complimentary bread and olive oil. 

Complimentary cod mouse and fish roe cannelloni 
Matt doesn't eat seafood so I had his share as well - more for me! 
It was very tasty, yet the most appealing attribute of this dish was it's visual appeal. Even though Matt doesn't eat seafood, he was really amazed when it came to the table. Great photo opportunity!

Complimentary Apple cannoli
Specially prepared for Matt, was a sweet little starter to get your palette started.

Course 1: Tempura asparagus, fresh cherries, lemon curd.
Lovely light and fresh combination. The cherry was unusual but oddly enjoyable. The flavour of the Lemon Curd and Cherry was overkill. However, if you ate it with a large enough piece of Asparagus it made the dish much more enjoyable. It was definitely meant to be eaten together.

Course 2: Veal and Pork agnolotti, oxtail jus, parmesan crisps
My favourite dish of the evening. Matt found a new love tonight - Parmesan crisps.
The pasta was nice and firm, cooked perfectly. The sauce was thick which meant it stuck well to the pasta, not a single piece was not soaking with the jus. Please don't get me started with the Parmesan crisps, Matt was stealing mine throughout the night... They were really good! A great twist on the traditional grated Parmesan condiment.

Third course: Beef sirloin, roasted onions, baby spinach, corn. 
The meat melted in my mouth.. Probably not the best way to describe this dish, but the meat was tender and full of juices. My serving was cooked medium whereas Matt's was cooked medium rare. They surprisingly managed to have both plates out at the same time, while both being cooked perfectly.

Spinach was unnecessary - give me a piece of meat and onion and I'm good to go.  

Look at how juicy that sirloin looks................. 

Course 4: Wildberry semifreddo, lychee gel, sesame 
We both enjoyed the seasame cracker and that's about it. The semifreddo was on the average size. It was well presented, however it was not to our liking. That said, it wasn't so bad that we totally ignored the dish, we still finished it!

Petit fours
I believe these were to accompany the coffee at the end of the evening, but we got too excited and instead ate them straight away. 

Coffee (Cappuccino and Latte) to finish the evening
Perfect way to end the night, coffee and blocks of sugar which will all end up in Christine's cappuccino. The latte was really nice, and had foam taking up 1/3rd of the mug! Speaking of mugs, the latte came out in a glass mug (below). As you can see, it is a glass within a glass. 
Seriously, WHERE CAN WE BUY ONE???

The Verdict: Will we go back? Probably not.
The food was good, but the price tag was definitely overpriced. I've had better tasting food for half the price else where. While this might sound harsh, especially with the good review we have given them above, none of the dishes actually amazed us.
Our definition of amazed: wanting more after we leave the restaurant.
The thing that does warrant the high price tag though is the view. Unfortunately having a pool right below you, you tend to get distracted from the view of a handful of budgie smugglers. When we went, there was quite a number of Tony Abbot's swimming which didn't go well with the food. 
The staff however was very attentive, almost 1 waiter to 5 tables. Our glass was never empty and yet we never felt like our conversation was interrupted. We have to commend Aqua Dining on their hospitality but also hope that they acknowledge the variance between the price of the food and the quality.

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