Milliore Korean Fusion Restaurant | Sydney CBD

The best korean food in town! We just fell in love with this place. The portions are huge, decent price, tastes and smells amazing. Can't wait to try other dishes from the menu. 

Sweet and sour chicken. 
Every bite was crunchy, zingy and I just wanted more. There's no way we could've finished that with the two of us. I remember when the dish arrived at our table, my first comment was "omg, that could feed my whole family" - Looks like lunch is sorted for the following day!

The staffs are very attentive. They saw me struggling to pick the potato noodle with my chopstick and immediately grabbed a tong. The japchae had great wok hei - loved it. I also liked how the staffs are honest. We asked them whether we should get a small or large japchae. She said small (cheaper too) as she said the portion is quite large. 

Kimchi Pancake
I don't know about you but when I go to a korean restaurant, kimchi pancake is a must order for me! Little did I know the pancake portion at Milliore is HUGE. 

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