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Daniela from the Platinum Restaurant Group invited us to dine at one of their selection of restaurants. We happily accepted when we heard it was Sicilian at Parramatta! 
So it turns out, it wasn't JUST a meal, but more a feast! We started off with traditional arancini balls (fried risotto balls served with aioli and rocket), worked our way through Ravioli Di Zucca and Formaggio Di Capra  (Pumpkin and Goat’s cheese Ravioli) and Prosciutto Woodfired Pizza and finished off with four types of dessert! 

Let's begin!

Arancini balls
The arancini balls were ever so crunchy, warm and delicious. It was filled with oozy cheese and the risotto was cooked well. Make sure you devour your arancini ball in the aoili sauce (because it's so aromatic, creamy and delicious). 

 Prosciutto Woodfired Pizza
Prosciutto, parma, napolitana sauce, mozzarella, rocket, shaved parmesan and balsamic reduction is what makes the  Prosciutto Woodfired Pizza. The base was very light and cooked to a nice crunch. The crust was a little doughy (in a good way) and it gave the pizza a different texture to what you would normally expect. It was more along the lines of turkish bread! The was also a generous serving of prosciutto and the whole pizza was well balanced. 

Ravioli Di Zucca and Formaggio Di Capra  
Chef’s home made ravioli filled with butternut pumpkin and goat’s cheese with cream sage sauce, hazelnut and spinach. 
When this dish came out, our sense were awakened. 
You could smell the cheese from a mile away! We really enjoyed sharing this dish but if I were to order this as a main for myself, I don't think I would be full. It's so delicious but the sauce definitely brought the whole dish together! 

Then we activated our second stomach for a sweeeeet treat :)
Matt wanted the chocolate soufflĂ© and I wanted the creme brulee (but due to popular demands, it was sold out) so I opted for the vanilla pannacotta. Mariam (our lovely waitress) suggested to get the dessert tasting plate and I asked her to kindly suggest the other two desserts. 
Mariam recommend the home made cannoli and homemade cheesecake al cioccolato bianco. 
Mariam also plated up our amazing dessert tasting plate. She took the time out of her busy day to start a conversation with us and shared with us her passion for dessert and presentation. It was great to see such enthusiasm from Mariana at Sicilian.

Classic pannacotta served with raspberry compote 
When we order pannacotta, we always make sure to jiggle it to see if it’s perfect (yes, what food blogging has done to us). And guess what? It was perfect (not too hard/too soft, just right). It passed the test!
The filling was light and clean actually, I was expecting it to be heavy (previous “bad”experience of Pannacotta). I loved the sweetness and the raspberry compote complimented the dish well.

Don't even attempt to eat this with cutlery. Just grab it with your fingers and get it all dirty. Matt didn't enjoy the pastry shell he said it tasted a little bit too 'stale' but that's okay, the filling was sweet like how a cannoli should be. 

Cheesecake al Cioccolato Bianco 
White chocolate cheesecake served with blueberry compote and caramelized almond ice-cream. 
I loved how the cheesecake was not the traditional one (where there was a biscuit base). I loved how this was presented differently which gave the dish a whole new texture! The candied apricots were give and take but that icecream..... *drools* 
Thank you Mariam for the recommendation! 
Glad we got to try this dish.

Chocolate Souffle with vanilla icecream
Too rich for Christine's liking but Matt loved the souffle. We left our souffle sitting for too long so the filling didn't "ooze" out (downside of being a food blogger hey?) #firstworldproblems #foodbloggerproblems

Snapshots of Sicilian.

The most spacious restaurant we've seen in Parramatta!

Enjoy and watch pedestrian walk by with a seat near the window.

Or have an excuse to dine in this cozy comfortable booth. 
(Pssssst. Perfect for first dates I'd say)

Sicilian is even great for you to host parties for 20+ guests 
(and this isn't even in the function area).

Or simply enjoy catching up with a friend.

Watch your woodfired pizza live in action!

Snapshots of Sicilian's new function area

All that's missing at the moment are people and we're ready to partayyyyyy. 

We would also like to give a shout out to Andrew the event coordinator from Siclian.
Not only did he make us feel welcome, he kept ensuring we were comfortable and that our glasses were never empty. If he doesnt look too busy, be sure to pull him aside and have a chat with him. 

Thank you again Vahe and Daniela for the invitation. 
Snapshots of Food dined as guests of Platinum Restaurant Group and all opinion are expressed as our own.

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