Chanoma Cafe the Japanese Matcha Master | Sydney CBD

The recent hype from Aqua S (opposite Chanoma) made me feel guilty as we haven't visited Chanoma in a while. Then we remembered the cheap eats (perfect for uni students) and jumped at Yuri's offer when she, on behalf of Washoku Lovers, invited us back to dine!
If you are a Washoku Lovers member, you can get a Washoku Selection which includes a Chanoma Dog, Shaked Chips, Shiratama Dango and Matcha Latte for just under $10. 
For more information/further details, please visit Washoku Lovers partnered restaurants and search for Chanoma!! You can drool over the selection here.

Above features Chanoma's homemade lemonade, matcha float, matcha parfait, chanoma dog and spicy meat lovers dog. 
Let's begin!

The spicy meat lovers dog is not that spicy at first. However the more you eat of it, the more you will find yourself rushing for water. I loved the spicy meat filling, and being totally honest, that filling on it's own would make an amazing dish. Having been here before, this has definitely taken top prize.

The chanoma dog had almost like a curried bolognse mince sauce generously poured onto the bottom of the bread. It was a strange combination but I couldn't stop eating it. At first glance it looks dull and dry, but that just goes to show you that looks can be deceiving. I am loving the different hot dog flavours!

Matcha Parfait
This was the star of the dish but we struggled to finish everything. Included in this monster of a dessert was pocky, wafer sticks, fresh strawberries, sweet potato, cornflakes, green tea icecream, cream and more green tea icecream!!!!
This is something you would order to share.

Our bellies were telling us "I'm FULLLLLL" so we grabbed lids from the self serve table and enjoyed our drinks later in the day. 

A special thank you to Yuri from SD Marketing for the invite! Once again you have showed us how simple Japanese style food can be so enjoyable. Another restaurant to add to the "Must return" list! 

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