Le Monde Cafe | Surry Hills

(I'll get back to that)

We had an enjoyable brunch at Le Monte Cafe in Surry Hills and are dying to go back. Love the menu choice and price (quite affordable). It's a petite cafe in a speed dating like set up. I remembering saying to Matt "I feel like I'm speed dating" and Matt said "next" :( 
You would like to be seated in the corner or near the window (as it can get quite awkward with strangers next to you ... listening into your conversation). This didn't stop us; the dynamic duo from making sure every bit of this review was accurate and tasty.

Anyhoo, moving on let's get started with our 'light' brunch hey?

Healthy watermelon juice
The drink was served at room temperature and Matt would've preferred if the juice was chill or served with ice cubes! You know, just a little bit fancy.

Potato Rosti 
with smoked house bacon, spinach, feta, poached egg, hollandaise sauce, avocado and pistachio

The potato rosti was crispy on the outside and soft and packing flavour. It had a slight hint of pepper throughout the thinly cut layers of potato and the addition of the crushed pistachios gave the dish great texture. Don't even get me started on impact of that glorious piece some may call bacon, but we call happiness. The ingredients on the whole dish compliments each other so well...
The egg was poached to perfection and the yolk oozed out a deep orange colour. Mixed it with the potato rosti proved to be very delicious, picked up some feta and avocado... it was heavenly.
I had this dish on Saturday for brunch. Thought about it for the rest of the day. Woke up on Sunday thinking about how nice it was. Telling everybody on Monday about my weekend at Le Monde. 
(Call me obsessive but I think I've just fallen in love with this dish)

Pork Belly with poached eggs
with avocado, cherry tomato, pickles, watercress and toast

We had heard GREAT things about this dish, so Matt decided to test it out. 
Sadly, it will not be a dish he will order again as the whole dish was too dry. Pork belly isn't the most succulent piece of meat you can find, then when you introduce the bread, it doesn't really go down well. The saviour in this dish would have to be those perfectly poached eggs. The yolk provided a substitute of sauce to alleviate the dryness. That along with the half cut tomatoes gave the dish some life.

It looks really good though, even though we didn't enjoy this dish, the picture alone makes us want to order it again. This might sound like a negative review on the dish, but it was not that bad. The pork belly was cooked well, it is just a shame that the ingredients didn't gel together well (for us anyway)

 Overall, we will be back to Le Monde. 
Next time we will be trying the Eggs Benedict!!

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