Paper Plane Cafe | Parramatta

If you are a foodie, you would've heard of Paper Plane Cafe in Parramatta. We attempted to visit this place on two occasions but the crowd was ridiculous. I guess we needed to arrive at an earlier time (which we did on our third attempt) and it did not disappoint. The cafe is small but increasingly popular so be sure to arrive earlier otherwise you can find yourself waiting 30-40+ mins!!

I love the colourful and cute blackboard menu. 
I can spend hours looking at the adorable bacon with googly eyes. 
See if you can spot it in the menu below ;-)

I had a girly catch up where we started with tea, our breakfast dishes and yes, because we can spoil ourself, pulled pork fries. #byebyediet

Turkish Apple and Silver Jasmine tea
Nothing better than a warm cuppa tea to warm your hands and body before you dig in! 
Why didn't we order coffee? Because we are trying to have a healthy meal okay? 

Mushrooms and scrambled egg
Sauteed portobello mushrooms, wilted spinach and scrambed eggs topped with truffle oil on sourdough toast. I loved this dish - it's so simple but tasty! Look at that perfect scrambled egg.... (god knows how much butter was in the cooking process) but damnnnnn, I really enjoyed it. 

Smashed avocado and poached egg
Smashed avocado, peas and mint with goats cheese, tomato and fresh lemon juice on a splice of sourdough topped with a poached egg. This dish looked so fresh - my friend (who is cautious about what she eats) was happy as her dish was healthy and yummy. 

Pulled Pork Fries with jalapenoes, smashed avocado and sour cream.
The pork literally melts in your mouth... this was my kinda fancy nacho dish (with fries instead of tortilla chips). Probably the fattiest meal of the day. I know I said we would share this dish ..... but the only way I will share with you is if you take the entire dish away from me. LOL 
I resisted so bad - I could've demolished the whole dish. #noshame 

Chorizo Hotpot
My chatterbox friend went silent after her dish arrived. I guess that's an indication of how good the Chorizo Hotpot was? Or perhaps he was just super hungry... haha.

Take care readers and happy eating 

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