Georgie Porgies Cafe | Miranda

Georgie Porgie cronuts and rye, made us fat and and then we cry.
That is the typical tune you hear when you think of "Georgie Porgie" but once you have visited this cafe in the newly renovated Miranda Westfield, you might have a different perspective.


The cafe is nicely presented and it has two barristas working hard to serve up some of the best coffee I have tasted.Being so close to the seating arrangement also allows you to see how much hard work they put into creating the perfect coffee.

This place is well known for their unique selection of cronut flavours. Unfortunately they didn't have some of the flavours we were looking forward to, but they are still very nicely presented.

Eggs Benedict with Bacon and Kale
We simply cannot eat lunch at a cafe without Christine ordering her Eggs Benedict! This was slightly different to many, as you would normally respect to see some spinach leaves served up. This dish actually was served with a generous bed of  kale!

Breakfast burger
This right here is in a class of it's own. Not only did it hold shape when presented to the table but the burger was full of flavour!! It was stacked a good 20cm tall with layers of fried egg, cheese, bacon, tomato, chorizo and hash brown! Then it was topped with bbq sauce and boy was this epic. This is what you call a breakfast burger!!
Surprisingly it was quite cheap for the amount served. Good luck trying to eat it though!

Chocolate and Banana custard cronut
If you like the combination of chocolate  and banana then you will love this cronut. The cronut itself was coated with sugar crystals and the banana custard filling inside just made this really enjoyable. Surprisingly though, we were able to fit this in after that big breakfast!

To finish the sitting, Matt ordered a cappuccino to help digest the food. Despite the sheer number of customers they had, the coffee was brought out quite quickly. We hadn't actually realised until it came to our table, but it seems that they use the same coffee beans used at The Grounds of Alexandria! No wonder why it tasted so smooth!

If you are in Miranda any time soon, be sure to check this place out. Even if you grab a coffee and cronut to go! You will not be disappointed!

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