Izakaya Yebisu | Sydney CBD

Izakaya Yebisu restaurant takes us back to Japan. The ambiance, culture and food definitely makes you question why we ever left Japan in the first place. So excited to see Japanese culture in the heart of Sydney. You can find Izakaya Yebisu in Regents Place. 

Izakaya Yebisu has a wide range of mocktails available at an affordable price. Yuri from Washoku Lovers invited us down to sample some of the dishes, so she joined us for a mocktail! Matt chose the Grape mix, Yuri chose the mojito; and I chose the Lychee mocktail (as always).

Now that we have our palettes refreshed. Bring on the food!
How could we possible pass up the opportunity to have a bento box lunch set?! Both Christie and myself thoroughly enjoy the idea of a Bento box, how you are treated to multiple smaller side dishes to accompany your main dish. It really gives your taste buds a work out, so we both decided to choose a bento set!

Pork Cutlet Bento Box (new item to the menu)
It was a hard choice deciding what to order but I couldn't go pass the pork cutlet bento box. It was so tasty and I love the egg and sauce in the rice. The pork cutlett was nicely cooked and so moist inside. However Matt made me a little jealous of his Karrage Chicken!! I just had to steal a bite (or two)

Chicken Karaage Bento box with Miso Soup (new item to the menu)

Karaage chicken is one of our favourite Japanese dishes. It is essentially chicken that has been deep fried in a thick layer of batter and it tastes 100x better than any deep fried chicken you will find in a western restaurant. It is normally served up with mayo and rice, with an accompanying side of salad, miso soup and daikon. The batter on the chicken was quite light, which isn't what you would normally expect from a karaage chicken. That said, I think I preferred the lighter batter as you could actually enjoy the chicken!

Chikunzenni originated from Northern Kyushu and is a dish made of braised chicken and vegetables. It's often eaten as a celebratory meal for the new year.

Both of us are not your average fan of sashimi. Christie will eat it on the odd occasion, but Matt will avoid it like the plague. Christie wasn't feeling fishy today, so instead insisted that Yuri enjoy it!

 Furofuku Daikon
Furofuku Daikon is a traditional Japanese dish in which simmered daikon is served with miso sauce. Daikon is actually quite popular in Japanese cuisine and for good reason. It is damn tasty! The miso sauce made it a touch sweet so it did help break up the flavour of the chicken mains.

Japanese Salad
Who doesn't like salad? Well Christie for one, but when it comes to a Japanese style salad, we end up fighting for the last bite. This salad was slightly different though as it had a white sauce dressing rather than the usual oil, vinegar and onion. It was nice, but it actually made it feel a bit heavy on the stomach.

 Natto sushi
Natto sushi is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans fermented with bacillus subtilis. Natto is most popular in the eastern regions including kanto, tohoku and hokkaido. We didn't actually know, but it is SWARMING with bacteria (the good kind of course) which means that it is really good for your health. It tasted quite bland and wasn't one of our favourite dishes of the sitting, however knowing that it is good for you, we might be purchasing this again.

Tempura ice cream puff (new item to the menu)
Can I just take a moment to take a step back and make sure I wasn't dreaming, that this experience was real. You bet you that it was! You have heard of deep fried ice cream time after time (when you fall I will catch you I'll be.... eating). This takes the game to a whole new level!
Introducing the Tempura ice cream puff!! The batter was thick, chewy and everything you would hope a dessert tempura to be. Then when you crack it open, you get a chilling (no pun intended) surprise of vanilla ice cream! Not only that, it is quite chap and will be PERFECT for when summer hits!

We have always wanted to try Yebisu and luckily enough we were invited by Washoku Lovers. Thank you for treating us again to another amazing feast. As you can read, we thoroughly enjoyed the food and highly recommend Yebisu to all our readers!

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